Our Backyard Koi Ponds
By Wayne & Becky
Our Backyard Koi Ponds
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Nov 14 2004
the koi get some afternoon shade (nice view of the neihbors house)
  First , we would like to thank you for visiting our little hunk of homemade paradise. The backyard transformed from mostly grass and small ponds to what it is today in mostly the last three years.
We have enjoyed all the time and hard work it took for each project.  And ,yes,
we do cherish the time sitting at the ponds, feeding the koi and caring for them.
ahhh...less lawn to mow
  I met my koi angel (Becky) 6 years ago and we just had our  5th anniversery. She has really inspired me, (what do you think?) cause I had never laid brick nor made a koi pond.
look at me go now
  This Main  pond is a formal hourglass shape, withstraight edges and square corners. Including the falls it is 26 ft long , the big square is 8 x 10 x 4 ft deep, 1/4 hp in the skimmer feeds the biofalls 4200gal/hr , bottom drain to another 1/4 hp feeds
into an Advantage bead filter with some of the return going through an 80 watt UV. With this setup (a 3000gal pond) we are turning over the pond more than twice per hour.  We do enjoy clean water and healthy koi.
Check out our page links below for more pix
of all ponds and their construction pix-story.
OH and of course our wonderful luvin friends,
5 step falls... are being watched...
                               the Baby Pond
  This pond goes down as far as it is up...at 34 inches wide, it is easy to net the koi; at 9 feet long it holds 435 gal.  The homemade filter hides behind the wall at back....on top of which sits an angel that is not a spitter, but a pisser...pretty cool angel. The baby pond is a growing/sale pond...meaning what don't sell, grow....ha
It has no UV but cycles nicely in the spring and stays nice and clear all summer.
  Check our linked pages below for the construction pix-story and our Koi related pages.
the newest addition
                           the Castle
This was a 2 day job to dig down 2 ft and one wall up 2 ft....then 2 more days for the outside wall and walkway. At about 10 x 10 x 4 deep it holds 1600 gal and 30 to 75 koi. This is our "sale tank" so the numbers vary.  Filtration is from a bottom drain thru a 1/4 hp to an Ultama II bead filter returning thru a 25watt UV.
This setup has worked very well for us this summer,even with higher fish loads.
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