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Monthly Scores
P Cech
205pts 5.5m
J Carragher
206pts 6m
N Vidic
257pts 6m
J Terry
241pts 6m
J Boswinga
197pts 3m
S Gerrard
307pts 8m
F Lampard
353pts 8m
C Ronaldo
298pts 9.5m
R Van Persie
212pts 5.5m
N Anelka
238pts 5m
W Rooney
210pts 8m
Well done to Sam White and Alex O'Neil as they held off the challenge from Matt Tavender to claim Premiership glory for the second time. The Lampard, Gerrard and Ronaldo combination did the trick for Monkey Tennis despite Ronaldo missing the first two months of the season. Those big three amassed a whopping 958pts which was virtually 50% of Sam and Alex's overall tally. Fulham's Hangeland was definately the star budget buy, at just 1.5m he raked in 183pts closely followed by Boswinga, the blues 3m rated defender bagged an impressive 197pts. With some shrewd moves during the 2nd transfer window came a steady climb to the peak and more importantly a fistful of cash. Here is a rundown of how they did it and where most of us went wrong...
B Myhill HULL 1m 38pts
C Cueller AST 2m 3pts (out 1st window)
G Steinsson BOL 2m 36pts (out 2nd window)
J Boswinga CHE 3m 197pts
B Hangeland FUL 1.5m 183pts
F Lampard CHE 8m 353pts
S Gerrard LIV 8m 307pts
C Ronaldo MAN U 9.5m 298pts
R Van Persie ARS 5.5m 212pts
R Keane TOT 5.5m 13pts (out 1st window)
D Ashton W HAM 3.5m 29pts (out 1st window)
M Turner HULL 1m 126pts (in 1st window)
J Defoe POR 5.5m 51pts (in 1st window, out 2nd window)
P Crouch LIV 3.5m 69pts (in 1st window, out 2nd window)
T Bramble WIG 1m 66pts (in 2nd window)
C Bellamy W HAM 1.5m 32pts (in 2nd window)
F Torres LIV 8.5m 103pts (in 2nd window)
Total 2116pts
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10th Mike Leamon
20th Lou Jones
30th Ann Caddell
          Alan Matthews
40th Andy Young
50th Paul Kiely
August - Wayne Edwards
September - Matt Tavender
October - Wayne Male
November - Karen Edwards
December - Wayne Male
January - Agnes Skurzynsza
February - White/ O'Neil
March - Mark Furseman
April - Jamie Doherty
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