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5000 pts (50 c)

% 5/ 3/ 1; $1.5 onetime bonus
$2 MoneyZap, $5 PayPal; gift certificates

Blink is a nice solid sponsor. You won't earn much for clicks with it but their sign-up-for-offers section is really enormous; there are many offers which are not found in other sponsor's lists. Besides it's updated weekly.

There are two sections - Free offers and Huge grab. The offers from the last one are sometimes free too, so check this section from time to time. 5000 points = 50 c; but the exchange rate grows as you accumulate more points and depends on the type of redemption you choose.

If you choose to click in their Fast Clicks section, choose links with the greatest payrate, as they may have hidden bonuses. Blink has the best paid to click section among all register 4 cash sponsors Blink is also one of the best places to get rewards for shopping. This is one of those rare sponsors that make it possible to plough back in less than a week. It's really great.

- You may choose to sign up for Blink from this site and give us credit. But you may earn money for signing up for Blink through another sponsor. Currently (25.08.2002) you can do it here: One Dollar Email, Email Pays U, Inbox Dollars. There's also an affiliate program for webmasters through LinkShare.

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