Waz Up??? Crocheting!
Wow, do I LOVE to crochet! !  I've been crocheting for nearly 30 years now. My favorite thing to crochet is yarn rugs, like this one I call FLAME. I design my own patterns, and I'm putting them together to publish them.  Look for them in the future. 
Favorite Links:
Priscilla's Crochet

Crochet Talk

Crochet Originals

About.Com - Free Crochet Patterns
How to get around the Waz Up Crocheting! Group site
Welcome to the crochet group - Crocheting Waz Up?
It is a group I started to share all the wonderful sites for crocheting that is out there on the web. We keep the group open so you can use it like a "Favorites" file. A bunch of bookmarks to crochet sites that include free patterns, tutorial, resources to about anything crocheting - from graphics for your own website to on line graph paper! You wouldn't believe what is out there!

We don't post much, nor do we have a lot of exchanges and other things. I personally belong to some wonderful Yahoo groups that have that in them. So with us, I suggest going on Daily Digest. Our goal is to have bookmarks for you to find just about anything you can for crocheting on the web.  AND if you know of a site email it to me so it can be added!  If you belong to an exchange and want to have bookmarks for those types of patterns, email me and I'll help you look!

Now if you happened on to this page and you have not joined our Yahoo Group, you can by clicking here:

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