Summer is overrated...
(Android#23) June 11 12:47 P.M.
Im so bored....but I did do some work. I actually did update my Gelgoog into a Gelgoog Marine and I made it look shinier. I use it as my avatar so it may actually get a few more updates.

Ahh the power other than
(Android #23) April 27 8:
50 A.M. update. I finally got off my ass and made a new gif. It's my 1st animated gundam gif. It's Gelgoog. I want to do more but everytime I say I havn't finished it I never work on it again. 'd love to add some Darth Maul-like attacks but I probably won't. It's in the Gundam gif section and will be on the side until I make another
gif. I

Here's a treat for the 10 people a week who
(Android #23) December 9 1
0:04 A.M.
I don't know why I post my name before each's not like there will be any new members soon...Anyway, I started a new gif today but didn't finish. I'm not even half done. The finished one will heve a clear background or a background picture. There will be a ton more action and a little more detail. I like having the characters small so they have more action than detail. I posted a preview of it on the right. The full one should be up before the end of
the month.

More Cr
azy Music
(Android #23) December 4
5:16 P.M.
I decided I'd update the site a bit today since I had nothing to do. I'm getting a cable modem today so I'll be able to work on this crappy site alot more. I have tons of fanart(Made up Gundams) and it's a lot better than my other work thats up.
Oh yea...todays update. By the time you're done reading this you'll probably hear the background music. I put up 3 new songs. Car Wash(Stupid disco music), The old Spiderman song, and the Simpsons Planet of the Ap
es music.

l the Funk
(Android #23) Sptember 23
12:03 P.M.
I added some crazy videogame music to the site. The song in the background is from Joe and Mac but I may change
it later.

A small, but
cool update
(Android #23) September
9 2:36 P.M.
Well, school starts for me tomarrow, so I'll have more time to work on this site I guess. I havn't been working hard because I'm in no rush for it to be popular. I like keeping it just like my pad for a while. Anyway, I put up 2 gifs from a video game I have. You can probably see them chasing the mouse. By the way, visit my message board or sign the guestbook. I really lik
e feedback.

Start sen
ding them in
(Android #23) August
23 8:23 A.M.
I now have a fanart section only 2 of my sketches are there now but you can send yo
ur art in to
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