Institute of PKER Reform

My Humble Story

Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Wazu and I am a humble, kind, and peace-loving gnome on the Everquest PvP server known as Tallon Zek. When I first came to Tallon Zek, I was very naive and believed that others around me were all basically good and wholesome people like I am.

However, after looking around for awhile, I began to notice that there are a lot of people who live only to ruin other people's fun. They seemed to think it was just 'ok' to walk around killing other players without even having a good and solid role-playing reason to do it.

That's when my crusade began. I made a declaration to the entire server. I declared that from now on, pking on Tallon Zek would be 100% ILLEGAL. Anyone found guilty of being a pker would be immediately sentenced and punished, and our citizens would never live in fear again!

Then, one day I walked into Gfay. I bound myself, and began to look around to see what goodness I could contribute to the world of Tallon Zek. If you click on the links below you can read in more detail about my adventures as they were re-counted on Tallon Zek Times (a reliable Tallon Zek news source).

My story begins. Added on 11/1/00

It was self-defense. Added on 11/1/00

I begin to get support. Added on 11/1/00

Tunare watch over me. Added on 11/1/00

The trial of Madik. Added on 11/1/00

I'm the victim. Added on 11/1/00

The TRUE PKers reveal themselves. Added on 11/3/00

I am Tunare's Chosen. Added on 11/7/00

Mayor for a day. Added on 11/9/00

A party is held in my honor to thank me for my goodness. Added on 11/22/00

PKers goto HELL. Added on 01/22/01

Gnomish Paradise (song) Added on 01/22/01

New continent, same old PKer's. Added on 02/22/01

Honesty is the best policy. Added on 03/16/01

"PKers on ice..." Added on 04/12/01

"Trouble brewing" Added on 05/11/01

"All Good Things..." Added on 07/27/01

The Crusade Continues

Many people are still very opposed to what I am trying to do. I just keep on killing them with kindness. My motto is simple:

"Commit random acts of kindness, and senseless acts of beauty and horrific violence."

(It rhymes in gnomish.)

Mordac's Corner

There's a new sherrif in town. Added on 02/08/01

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