Disciples of Chaos

                                        Welcome To DoC

     Welcome to DoC! Welcome to Disicples of Chaos. We are a squad dedicated to Delta Force 2. We welcome you to our home, and hope you enjoy your stay. At no time will any member of our squad be caught off CB or cheating. We do not use glitches and always encourage fair play. Our motto is " Kill with respect, Die with honor." All of our members must live by this code. If you choose to live by this motto, please check us out and let us know what you think. Our recruitment is invitation only and we do not run a tryouts. We have an open Server that is running 24/7 and are happy to have people come in and play wth us. If you have any questions or would like to put in a challenge please visit our forums. We also have a thread for recruitment, or you can submit a join request on V War. We encourage V War and will always check it for challenges as well as join requests. In order to be considered for recruitment, we must see you in the server regularly, as we only look for active players with good attitudes. Please stop by and let us know what you think of our squad, we are extremely proud of it. Remember our motto.... " Kill with Respect and Die with Honor!!"



Charlie Team

Delta Team

Omega Team
Interested in Joining DoC???
    Well DoC is invitation only squad so come play in our dedicated server and let the Generals see you play and if we like ya we will contact you regarding becoming a member
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