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I am a 29 year old student attending Algonquin college.I am in the Computers Systems Technician Program. I currently have 13 more weeks of instruction to go. (as of Dec '02) Yippiee!!

I am also a mother to two wonderful children. They are great kids! They are 13 and 9 years old. Perfact ages for a parent going back to school! I am currently engaged to the love of my life! No permanet date has been set but things will progress within their own time frame here! I find that between school, my family, my friends and my hobbies i am quite a busy gal.

As for the title.. Evil's Place. My fiancee calls me evil. Always has. Im not sure if he is refering to my red hair, its my temperment. Lets hope its not the latter!

Below you can view some of the labs i had to complete for my web programming course i took last term. I really enjoyed these labs and look forward to expanding my knowledge in this field. Just a side note.. at that level we had to do "raw" code. Programs like Dreamweaver and the like were NOT allowed. :) i think i did well!

In the next few weeks im going to try to do some housekeeping with this site. Maybe add a java chat program, and add some links to my hobby page. So staytuned.. things are about to change!!

My list of links

Some of these will link to other webpages in progress.. others will link to places wehre i like to go. Either way.. enjoy..

My first Cotehardie

My little sca page

List of My HTML Labs (Dec '01)

  This section is for the labs that i have completed as a requriement to my HTML course.


Lab 1


Lab 6


Lab 2

Lab 2 Updated
October 14,2001

Lab 7


Lab 3


Lab 8


Lab 4


Lab 9


Lab 5


Lab 10


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