Michigan Microwave Page

North American Microwave activity times.
First Saturday morning of month, 7:00 AM local till noon and,
First Monday evening of the month, 7:00 PM local till midnight.

For all bands 432Mhz and up, look for stations on
144.260 Mhz and 432.100 Mhz, and QSY up from there.

Any local stations that want to report their activity, just drop me
an email and I'll try to add it to my Local Microwave News page.

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 Photos from the 10GHz contest (2002)
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Photos from the 10GHz contest
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Photos from the 10GHz contest


This page is dedicated to providing information and hopefully helping other amateur radio stations get on the amateur radio microwave bands.  It does not take a lot of money or a college degree in electronics to get on the microwave bands.  So lets get busy and get on another band!

73,Mark, WB8TGY

e-mail: wb8tgy@yahoo.com

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