Alan, Luther and Arnold Walk around a fence.
They seen a bag.
''The Bag contain 6 Dino-Files!!'' say Alan!
Alan:'' They dont have any valids Information..''
Luther:'' Keep it! It's important! ''
At this moment, Tom and Jhonny arrive.
Tom:'' What do you do here? ''
Luther:'' The camp a..''
* BANG * A Furious and dangerous Dilophosaurus beat the fence!
They run toward the Jeep for escape to the Dilophosaurus...
The Dilophosaur cross the fence between two columns
Luther go to enter in the jeep but he check behind him and...
The Dilophosaur jump on it...
Arnold:'' Go! Go! Go! ''
They start and drove aways...
It's the end for Luther...
They drove away.
They found an elevator.
Alan:'' Luther tell me about this elevator, he conduct to a Bunker. We should continu the mission whitout him...''
Tom:'' It's not a Mission, It is the Survival!...''
They Go down...
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