Later, Alan and Arnold walk whitout the jeep and whitout weapons in the plains...
Arnold : '' Check, A Ingen building. Maybe a phone or somethings like that inside! ''
They enter in the Building
Alan : '' Check the Computer, electricity Work here! ''
Arnold : '' I Think here it's the Cold embyo chamber ''
Alan Seen few Dino-Files in something look like to a big bottle...
Alan move the skeleton and...
Try to got the Dino-Files
'' It's not necessary to got these Dino-Files, we got no money for that '' said Arnold
Alan : '' I'm paleotologist and The Dinosaurus is my life! ''
Alan jump in the bottle.
'' Wow! A Lot of Dino-Files here!! ''
'' WATCH OUT! '' Shouted Arnold
The bottle close hermetically!
Alan try to break the bottle!
Arnolod try to open the bottle whit the computer.
A gaz enter in the bottle...
'' Nooooo!!! '' Shout Arnold
It's liquid Nitrogen! this Gaz becomes ice in few minutes!
Arnold Run away outside...