the Portable Typewriter Reference Site
Portable Typewriter Reference Site. This is an enormous research site, which lists and shows very many kinds of portable typewriters from all over the world.  Some are antique, but most are newer.
Antique Typewriters by Will Davis
Antique Typewriters by Will Davis. This site focuses on the period from the 1890's through the 1930's.  Centerpieces are the huge Harris Visible and Barr Portable articles.  Detailed information on early 20th-century "visible" machines.
Vintage Cash Registers
Cash Registers.  Click on the machine at left to view some vintage cash registers, including odd and unusual machines and one Smith-Corona cash register.
My websites presently include 180 pages concerning typewriters & cash registers.

First typewriter page online
March 2000 which is now over 16,500 page views.  Index page of Portable Typewriter Reference Site now over 21,000 page views.
Diesel-electric and Diesel-hydraulic locomotives in detail.
Left, a link to my site about diesel locomotives.  Highly technical, and featuring never before seen material.  15 pages.
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LINKS   Click on the typewriter at left to reach my page of links to other typewriter websites, internet forums and resources.  Links to my family's other websites are there as well.
Will's Typewriter Annex
Will's Typewriter Annex.    A website specifically designed for both new collectors and for those who actually use the machines they have.  Find tips on maintenance, on buying, and on using.  Links to further resources to help you operate and maintain your machine. 
Will Davis is a regular contributor to ETCetera, the Journal of the Early Typewriter Collectors' Association.  Click the logo at left to find out more about the magazine.  You can navigate to the ETCetera page from there.  Now edited by Richard Polt.
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Websites by Will Davis
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the European Typewriter Project
European Typewriters.     Will Davis, webmaster
the Portable Typewriter Forum
the Portable Typewriter Forum (on Yahoo! Groups)  Owner:  Will Davis
Locomotive Enthusiasts' Forum (on Yahoo! Groups)   Owners:  Dave & Will Davis
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