Witches Manifesto

I demand these things as a Witch

I must pursue my highest ideals
I must strive to elevate my ethics
I must be as good as my word
I must demand integrity of myself
I must be willing to suffer for my religion
I must willingly embrace discipline
I must develop financial responsibility and independence
I must be able to pay my bills
I must pay attention to my diet & intake of food
I must LIVE the Hermetic Principle
I must respect the astral
I must approach ritual with great care
I must see ritual work as a disciplined art form
I must consider seriously
the ramifications of reincarnation
I must conserve fuels
I must recycle whenever possible
I must not litter, not even a cigarette butt
I must avoid negative energy, even within my own thoughts
I must avoid placing blame for any of the events in my life
I must take responsibility for my ill health
I must take myself seriously
I must have humour
I must live with my eyes open and my feet grounded

I demand these things of myself as a member of the Wiccan Community

I must support the work of making Wicca a respected religion
I must expect financial accountability from those groups to which I donate monies
I must stop the mockery of other religions (including anti-Christian sentiment sometimes found in modern Paganism)
I must not support religious plagiarism (such as the teaching of shamanism by those who have never experienced the wilderness nor studied from a real shaman).
I must be respectful of all other's ritual forms
I must separate myths and reality in our history and in our future
I must work to contribute towards a reputable public image of Wicca
I must protest against pagans who use shock tactics in dealing with the public
I must upgrade standards of Wiccan education
I must support serious research of our religious heritage
I must demand quality in pagan literature, newsletters and books
I must support the assembling of libraries
I must not be a religious isolationist and I must work to remove pagan ghetto mentalities from our communities
I must demand provocative, challenging workshops over entertainment
I must share my knowledge and skills
I must make Initiations increasingly difficult, challenging and rewarding
I must consider the amount of education other religions expect of their clergy when planning Wiccan training
I must be willing to network
I must remain in contact with pagans in other places

I demand these things of myself as a Priestess

I must prepare for the deaths and burials of our peoples
I must provide for the future of my consecrated tools beyond my physical death
I must work towards the establishment of legal ministries
I must provide for children and their education
I must provide for the survival of my Tradition

I demand these things of myself as a Wiccan citizen

I must promote community service, being of help to all peoples regardless of their beliefs
I must be willing to be political
I must be a knowledgeable, active voter
I must respect and utilize the system
I must find value in the political system in which I live or work actively to promote change
I must be aware of the world perspective
I must extend myself to world poverty and hunger

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