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Click the little picture above to see Spider Rock. Spider Rock stands with awesome dignity and beauty at over 800 feet high in Arizona's colorful Canyon de Chelly (pronounced da Shay) National Monument. Spider Rock is the world's tallest free-standing rock spire. Geologists of the National Park Service say the formation began 230 million years ago. Wind-blown sand swirled; and compressed with time created the spectacular red sandstone monolith. A long time ago, the Navajo People named it Spider Rock.

In Navajo mythology, Spider Rock is home to Spider Woman. The Navajo established Spider Woman as one of their most important and highly honored deities. For many generations, the Navajo have always been accomplished weavers. It was Spider Woman who taught Navajo ancestors of long ago the art of weaving upon a loom. Her husband, Spider Man, made the first loom, using sky and earth cords for the cross poles, sun rays for the warp sticks, rock crystal and sheet lightning for the heralds, and a sun halo for the batten. The comb was made of a white shell.

Spider Woman's other function in Navajo society is to enforce obedience in children. They are told that if they do not behave Spider Woman will carry them away to be eaten. The top of Spider Rock is supposed to be white, from the sun-bleached bones of misbehaved children.


My name is Wil and I am a Navajo Indian living in Tucson, Arizona. I am born to my mother's clan, (Big Water Clan) and born for my father's clan, (Badlands People also known as the Rough Land Formation People or the Tangle People).

I found very few web resources in Chinle, so I made a special link about CHINLE, Arizona. Chinle is located 3 miles from the beautiful Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de shay) National Monument. Spider Rock is located in the Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

Many Native American people believe that the Earth is our Mother, and the Sky is our Father. We respect and love our land, Mother Earth. We look toward the sky and see the stars and planets. And thus, we respect Father Sky.

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The Serenity Prayer:
God Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change, the Courage to Change the Things I can, and the Wisdom to know the Difference.

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