The Fan Fiction

Welcome to the reading room. Here you see our growing collection of fan fiction! The current reading selection includes, among other things, the first few installments of a series of stories written by the Brady Bunchers on the The Wayne Brady Message Board and the stories from our first fan fiction contest.

And now...the fan fic!

Tales from the Messageboard

The Amazing Adventure of Wayne's Fans
Wax and Wayne - The Sequel
The Sequel to the Sequel
Down Under: The Sequel to the Sequel Continues

Fan Fiction Contest Stories

Silly Scavenger Hunt - by Fer
An Alphabet Scene - by Curtis
The Memory Remains - by Mel - Winner!!!
A Story by Holly - by Holly

Other Stories

In the Grips of Fear, Beware - by Nikki_Lynn
The Gods are Crazy - by Linz and Nikki_Lynn
Final Confrontation - by Mel
Kidnapped - by Nikki_Lynn

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