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Mickey's First Days...

Mickey The Cat, who sometimes goes by the name of Mickey Doodle, was born on a crisp Autumn day near the end of September in the year 1999.

Born in the country, deep in the outback of northwest Texas in a very small community called "Peacock".

The first thing that Mickey noticed after he was born was his Mother's tongue tending to him and licking him all over. Of course, he didn't know what it was at the time because his little eyes were not able to open yet. But he knew he liked it.

The second and most urgent thing he noticed was how hungry he was. He needed food. His tummy was growling and he needed something to eat right away. And as his mother helped him to find the milk she had for him, he knew that she was the one. She was the one who gave him warmth and food. She would take care of him.

Soon Mickey found out that he had a sister and a brother as well. The three little kittens crowded around Mama kitty's belly, often crawling over each other trying to make sure they got enough to eat. Sometimes Mama kitty would roll over on top of the kittens, but soon, after several desperate mews, she would move over and the kittens would search for her belly once again.

These were the first days in the life of Mickey the Cat.

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