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I'm not much of a writer, Let me start from the beginning. I had gotten a severe case of blood poisoning from a dirty piece of metal, I almost lost my leg. I was hospitalized and lost the skin off of my leg from the calf to the ankle. I had been to many Doctors, and had my share of problems and ended with a Vein Disease, I kept getting Ulcers, and most Doctors told me to do walking. and it seemed the more I did the worse it got. this went on for three to four years.

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The GARDNER Support Group

The Gardner Support Group meets every other week in Gardner.  For Directions or just for more information please email mflamer012758@aol.com


The WORCESTER Experienced Support Group

The next meeting of the Worcester Experienced Support Group will next Friday September 28th in W Boylston   For Directions please email Kchyet@aol.com


Bi-Weekly Support Groups

Dr. Marjory Kaplan is holding bi-weekly support group meetings for Experienced as well as Pre-Surgery patients.  For more details email her at kaplanm@ummhc.org