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Welcome to our Projects Page!
We got involved in stitching very much by accident,my Mother-in-Law, had made my husband a Long-Stitch picture of an Indian in full headress, and he liked it so much, he decided he wanted another Indian done. He purchased another needlework of an Indian, but it never really got started. Afew stitches were done here and there, and when I married him, it became my project. It sat in my closet for almost 14 years, till we moved, and I couldn't stand to see it sit around anymore. I picked it up one day, and the magic started. We were hooked!
For Mother's day , I was given this Welcome picture, Which to me seemed like a lot of stitching, but in three months time, it finally got finished. Walt was so happy to see it done, he went to work on a frame right away. This arrangement worked out real nice, 'cause I liked the stitching, and he liked making the frames.
And the story continues . . . . .
Indian Chief
Sunset Company
Native American Indian Wisdom, By Dimensions Charts and Charms
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Insulin Chart
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