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Hi, and thanks for stopping by my little section of the web. This webpage is going to progress slowly because I do not always feel like sitting around at the computer, so don't expect a lot to come too soon.
Anyway, my name is Whitney and I graduated from Clemson University in May of 2002 with a degree in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management and an emphasis in Travel & Tourism. I am now living in Myrtle Beach and have been since September of '03. It is so much fun here and I cannot believe I have waited so long to live at the beach. It truly is awesome here (minus all the tourists).
Well that is enough about me, go check out my page to see lots of really cool things that make me the cool person that I am!

Because I have been forced to watch boxing every night of the week that it comes on, I have become a little bit of a fan. For a list of boxing links you can click here. One of my favorite boxers is Ishe Smith, also known as Sugar Shay Smith. He is really good and hasn't lost any of his fights yet. To go to his official web site click his picture below.

Another one of my favorite boxers is Joe Mesi, and along with being a good boxer he isn't
too hard on the eyes! Go check out his webpage by clicking on his pic.

A big love in my life is my sweet little doggy, Kira. She has made her very own page for everyone to see so click the picture to go to it.

For anyone who knows me you know that I am the proud owner of a pumpkin eater. To see what a pumpkin eater is, click here.

Here are pics of my sick babies and of Slimm playing at the lake.

Here are some pictures of Kira and Slimm playing at the beach, 9/28/03.

Here are some house and beach pictures.

Click the baby alligator below to see some pictures from when Taft and I went to Alligator Adventure at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle.

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