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Having the same birthday as Babe Ruth, and loving the sport of baseball, has allowed me to persue an interest in collecting over the past twelve years now as a grownup.  I buy many packs, especially Upper Deck baseball.  I work on, and try to complete just one set per year....for me, although I also buy many other sports cards packs of other manufacturers.  One must have a variety to compete as a seller.  Just call me a packbuster.  Are you looking for Mc D's toys? How about some old music 45 sleeves.  I've mini posters, also.  Autographs, A National Lampoon's Vacation Bumper Sticker, a 1990 Full size Marge Simpson Doll, Sports Illustrated For Kids sports cards, the list goes on & on.  I really look out for my 2 daughters who collect Piazza and R. Johnson cards and stuff.  Meanwhile, my oldest daughter gets to keep all the Cal Ripken Jr. cards I may find.......she just doesn't know it yet.   She's plenty busy with her scholastics.
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I may still collect Molitor and Clemens cards, but I've most of them by now.  I've developed a good reputation as an E Bay, Bidville, Auction U.S., BidWay, QuicklySell, and Yahoo! member, so buying and selling with me should be a favorable move.  I've 10's Of thousands of singles and inserts around here!  Nope, I do not deal with any Online Payment Services.  I do not offer refunds, since my items do contain both pictures with a full description.  I may happen to include a "freebie" with just about every auction won.  Besides, everyone I've dealt with is a happy customer!  Thanks a lot for your time and interest, and, have a nice day!  Oh, and please visit my Yahoo! auctions by searching for  seller ID WBynum1.  Of course you may e-mail me, WBynum1@Yahoo, or  I do hope to make your shopping business a pleasure!  My customers are valuable to me.  My business means a lot.  Thank you all for looking & have fun! :o)
My Turn Around Time For Sales and Purchases Is Lightning Fast....There's No Waiting!  Along With Sports Cards, I Sell A Few Mc D's and BK Toys.  That's Where The Stuff Comes In.  From Time To Time, There May Be A Baseball Card Your Looking For.  Please E-Mail Me With Your Requests, As I've 100's Of Thousands Of Baseball Cards By Now.  Believe Me, My Wife Would Be Happy To See Them Outta Here.