Angels & Butterflies Center for Family Activities

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Our Mission

Our main focus is to construct a building where the residents can get together for various activities.  A place where the kids can go to "hang out".  A place where people could hold meetings, parties, educational programs, reunions, business conferences, etc...  A place the senior citizens could call their own.  The facility would be available to all as long as they comply with the rules and regulations.  No discrimination will be allowed of any kind.  

The preliminary floor plans include a center hall large enough to hold dance classes, aerobics, or large meetings.  There is space being allotted for a sizeable kitchen.  The building will be a one-story structure and totally complies with all regulations.  

The Napoleon Library is looking for a new site for the McClure Branch and we are waiting to hear if they would be interested in talking with us about the possibility of adding space to our floor plan, thus making this a larger facility.  If that is the case, then we will consider changing the floor plan, enlarging it to also include area for a childcare center.

We are approaching this project as a place where "things are happening" for all ages in this community and the surrounding area.  After this center is in operation, we don't want to hear anymore, "There's nothing to do in this town!".

The name "Angels and Butterflies" is an inspiration that came from several families.  Many of our friends and family wear a guardian angel on their collar or wallets everyday.  The butterflies came from the Kane family.  They have a butterfly garden in memory of their daughter, Julie.  I think of the spirits of our children who have lost their lives too soon as butterfly wings gently fluttering in the breeze, free to move wherever the wind takes them.  And this center will be dedicated to all of them. 


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