November 12, 2001

Snapshots from CBS 2 News' coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 587.

Live pictures from CBS 2's MetroCam looking toward Belle Harbor, Queens. JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark International Airports were quickly closed because of everyone's fears. CNN used the live feed from CBS 2 News. The plane that crashed was originally reported as a Boeing 767. As if often the case in breaking news situations, details can change minute by minute. A few minutes after reporting the plane as a 767, it was learned that it was actually an Airbus A300. The map shows the crash site in the Rockaway section of Queens, a neighborhood that lost many of their own just two months and one day earlier. Jennifer McLogan reporting from near the scene via the telephone. She described the difficulty she and her crew had in getting to the scene because of traffic and road closings. The Fox News Channel also used CBS 2's live pictures. A split screen showing the picture from far away (top) and the first ground pictures (bottom). A huge cloud of smoke is seen just beyond the houses. CNN returned to WCBS' coverage to show the pictures from the scene. The Fox News Channel used more of CBS 2's pictures too. Air Force jets scrambled to keep the skies over the crash site clear just in case terrorism was the cause. Black smoke rising from the burning debris. (It was later learned that the plane crashed three minutes after takeoff.) The local schools were closed for the observance of Veterans' Day. The updated map shows how close John F. Kennedy Airport is from where Flight 587 went down. WCBS 880's Harley Carnes, a pilot himself, joined Michael Pomeranz and Cindy Hsu to help the viewers better understand what might have gone wrong. Mayor Rudolph Guiliani giving the media his plans and trying to keep the city's residents calm. A still image from CBS News shows a firefighter examining a piece of the plane's engine at a nearby gas station. The engine broke off before the plane crashed. Jennifer McLogan interviewing a 14-year-old resident of Belle Harbor who thought the loud noise she heard was her mother trying to wake her up. Michael Pomeranz and Cindy Hsu anchored the first few hours of continuous coverage. David Diaz joined Michael and Cindy from the newsroom with the latest breaking news. The first video from the actual crash scene. The fire was so intense because Flight 587 had virtually a full tank of fuel. A piece of the airplane's fuselage. New York's Bravest responding to the crash. Marcia Kramer reporting on the phone. Top: A wide shot of the gas station where the plane's engine landed. New York's inbound bridges and tunnels were closed due to the fear of terrorism. Aimee Nuzzo reporting from Newark International Airport in New Jersey. The President's press secretary Ari Fleischer held a noon briefing. John Slattery reporting from John F. Kennedy International Airport's Ramada Inn where family members were beginning to arrive for informatuion and counseling. Dr. Mike Rosen reporting from Belle Harbor. Todd McDermott joined the coverage with Cindy Hsu. Debbie Duhaime reporting on how the crash affected tri-state traffic. A spokeswoman from the National Transportation Safety Board holding a press conference. Paul Moniz waiting for victims to be brought into the hospital. Todd McDermott and Angela Rae are now anchoring CBS 2 News's coverage of the crash of Flight 587. A photograph of what an American Airlines Airbus A300 looks like. This map shows a closer look at exactly where the plane crashed. Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos pick up the coverage. The Mayor holding a news conference with the Governor and his top aides. Rose Walia joining Ernie and Dana. Rose Walia reporting on how the Washington Heights community was coping with the loss of so many of their own who were traveling to Santo Domingo. Heather O'Rourke in thr Traffic Center. An updated map of southern Queens. President George W. Bush with former South African President Nelson Mandela. They both commented on the day's tragedy. Morry Alter in Belle Harbor. Whitney Casey in front of a nearby hospital. CBS 2 came up with a special open for the plane crash coverage. ''You're watching continuing coverage of the crash of Flight 587 on CBS 2.'' Marcia Kramer in Belle Harbor. Dan Rather with a closer look at what's ahead on the special expanded edition of the CBS Evening News. Ed Crane with how the crash affected the stock market. A piece of the plane's tail was recovered from the nearby bay. The investigation into what caused the crash focused on the tailfin. Dana Tyler and Ernie Anastos ending the local coverage and joining the one-hour CBS Evening News. Michael Pomeranz and Lisa Hill anchoring CBS 2 News This Morning the day after the crash. An update on the crash. 260 passengers and crew members who were on board the plane, as well as five people on the ground, died in the tragic crash. David Diaz flew to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to report on that angle of the story.
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