Euro 2004 Results Chart Instructions


Instructions - Please follow before launching the applet

This applet has been tested on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6

  • Internet Explorer 4.01

  • Netscape 7.1

  • Netscape 6

  • Netscape 4.08

  • Netscape 4.8

  • Opera 6.0.6

You should perform the following steps to run the applet:

  • Current browsers do not support Java 2 as standard, which is the technology used to develop this applet. The first time your browser encounters this applet, it will ask you if you want to download a Plug-in, assuming you do not already have this software installed on your computer. This Plug-in is the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that your browser will use to run the applet.

  • For Netscape 4 and Opera 6 users, you should click on the Plug-in symbol in the centre of the page. This takes you to the java site from where you can download the plugin. This can take several attempts, as the java site is sometimes not found. Select J2SE JRE for your language, download and install. Once this is done, restart your browser and the applet will be able to run.

  • For all other supported browsers, download the Plug-in as requested. This download is about 8Mb, so should take about 3 minutes with an ADSL connection.

  • During installation, you will be asked if you want the Plug-in to apply to both Internet Explorer and Netscape 6. Make sure both are selected.

  • Once installation is complete, you do not have to restart the browser for the applet to commence. You will be asked if you will grant the applet permission to run on your computer. The certificate attached to this applet was issued by Thawte who have verified my personal information and can assert that this applet originated from me (Jon Godden). Please grant the requested permission and the applet will load up.