Women's Care Center of the Heartland

Residential Pregnancy Center
2301 South 15 Street
Omaha, Nebraska
(402)502-9224 (WCCH)
Fax (402)884-0586
E-Mail wcchdir@wcch.omhcoxmail.com


   A maternity home for women 19 years and older who have been abandoned by family and friends during an unplanned pregnancy or believe that her only choice is to abort her child and has no visible means of support.
   We wish to help those who desire a life-style change and the opportunity to plan a secure life for themselves and their baby. Residents are welcome to stay 6 weeks after the birth of her baby to finalize housing arrangements for her new life. Donations of many baby items can be received after completing our parenting program.
   Our newly renovated home has 12 private bedrooms with a sink in each. The community bathroom is freshly tiled with three showers and three toilets. Family-style meals and the responsibility to plan and cook them helps residents to feel at ease.
   Our educational program includes the development of the baby, parenting information as well as the adoption option.
   The Women’s Care Center is complete with St. Joseph’s Chapel. Residents of any or no faith are welcome as long as they respect the traditions of the donors who made this home possible.

Mission Statement

We will provide support to pregnant women to choose life for their unborn child in a Catholic residential environment both during and after pregnancy. We will educate the women on childcare and personal life skills to assist them to be self-sufficient.


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