Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta
Primary Promoter: EL TOPO
Promoting in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Onatio, Northwest Territory and Yukon Territory

Abdullah the Butcher, Allen Coage, Billy Robinson, Bret Hart, Wild Bill Irwin,  Billy Robinson, Bruce Hart, Bruiser Brody, Charlie Cook, Dan Kroffat, George Wells,  the  Jay Youngblood, Jesse Ventura, Joe Malenko, Kelly Kiniski, Les Thornton, Los Diablos Hombres- Al Perez, and Ese Ayala, Mark Lewin,&  Marc  "Rollerball " Rocco, Rick Patterson, Ricky Steamboat, Rougeaus- Jaques, and Raymond,  Scott McGhee, the Stomper,  Scott Irwin, Tiger Jeet Singh, Terry Taylor, The Time Traveler, and Tony St. Clair.  Rick Patterson is on the DL. Managers Andy Kaufman, Jimmy Hart and Grand Wizard are also in the area.


Headquarters: Kansas City, KS
Primary Promoter: TLYNE
Promoting in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Oklahoma
Art Crews, Bob Backlund, Brett Sawyer, Bruiser Costa, Bulldog Brown, Butch Reed, Steve Williams, Dusty Rhodes, Gene Lewis, Greg Valentine, Harley Race, Johnny Smith, Jos LeDuc, Masked Superstar, Mike Graham, Michael Hayes, Rocky Johnson,  Rufus R. Jones, Sonny King, Stan Frazier, The Sheepherders (Luke Williams, Jonathan Boyd & Butch Miller), Terry Funk, Terry Gibbs, and Wahoo McDaniel. Managers Sheik Adnan Al Kaissie, and Billy Spears are also in the area.


Headquarters: Memphis, TN
Primary Promoter: JETS FAN
Promoting in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio
Alexis Smirnoff, Brad Armstrong, Chris Markoff, Don Diamond, Doug Somers, Dutch Mantell, Ed Morretti, Frank Williams, Iron Shiek, Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Garvin, Jimmy Valiant,  Mike Sharpe, Mr. Olympia, the Nightmares-David Oswald, Ted Allen, Pat Hutchinson, Pete Doherty,  Pete Sanchez, Rene Goulet, Rick Gibson,  Ron Shaw, Snake Brown, Texas Cowboys - Don Bass, and Frankie Laine, Tony Atlas, Tony Russo, and the Young Samoans-Samu &  Tama. Managers Gorgeous George Jr., Percival Pringle and Two Ton Harris are also in the area.


Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
Primary Promoter: SEABS
Promoting in Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Bounty Hunter #1, Bounty Hunter #2, Brad Rhiengans,  Bugsy McGraw, Dino Bravo , Doug Somers, Enforcer Luciano, Genichiro Tenryu, The Great Togo, Gypsy Joe, Hartford Love, Hubert Gallant, Iron Shiek, Keith Steinborn, Jim Niedhart, Jos LeDuc , Kim Duk, Larry Latham, Mike Graham, Mr. Onita, Ox Baker, ; Pete Doherty, Reginald Love, Rip Oliver, Steve Lawler, Villano #1, Villano #4, Zoltan The Great, plus managers Carl Fergie and Hugo Saganovich are in the area.  Johnny Smith is on the DL, scheduled to return on 11/1.


Headquarters: Detroit, MI
Primary Promoter: MARK OATES
Promoting in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin

The Assassins, Bobby Bass, Buzz Sawyer, Chris Colt, David Deaton, Davey Boy Smith, El Canek, Greg Gagne,  Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jim Niedhart, Larry Zbyszko, Hijo Del Santo, Jerry Bryant, Jerry Valiant, Jim Brunzell, Joel Deaton, John Studd, Johnny Valiant, King Cobra, Larry Zybszko, Mike Jackson, Mike Rotondo, Mr. Fuji, The Nightmares (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis), Paul Christy, Ray Candy, Ricky Johnson, Rocky Jones, Steve Pardee, Terry Daniels, Tommy Gilbert, Tito Santana, Vinnie Romeo, plus managers Fabulous Moolah Jonathan Holliday and Buddy Rogers are in the area.


Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Promoting in Illinois
Armand Rougeau, Billy Whitecloud, Buck Zum Hofe, Buzz Tyler, Calypso Jim, Chief Thundercloud, David Sierra, Dick Murdoch, Don Muraco, Hans Schroeder, Iranian Assassin, Ivan Putski, Jerry Brown, Johnny Mantell, Jules Strongbow, Kendo Nagasaki, Kenny Jay, Killer Karl Kox, Larry Hennig, Rip Rogers, Salvatore Bellomo, Samoan Sakalia, The Samoans (Afa & Sika), Sheik Ali, the Spoiler, Tony Parisi, the Twin Devils, and Victor Rivera. Managers Tux Newman, King Curtis Iaukea, and Thunderbolt Patterson are also in the area.


Headquarters: Boston, MA
Primary Promoter: BRIX THORNTON
Promoting in Massachussetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

Armando Guerrero; Austin Idol
, Bill Dundee, Billy Jack Haynes, Bugsy McGraw, " Crusher" Jerry Blackwell, Dewey Robertson, Dino Bravo, Downtown Express - Norvell Austin, and Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young), Eddie Mansfield, Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose), Invaider 1 (Jose Gonzales) Jack Victory, Kamala, Ken Timbs, Keith Hart, Kevin Sullivan, King Tonga, Lanny Poffo, Masa Saito,  Nelson Royal, Paul Ellering, Phil Hickerson, Randy Savage, Ron Garvin, Ray Hernandez, and Tiger Mask. Managers Jim Cornette, Crusher Liskowski, and Angelo Poffo are also in the area. Lanny Poffo is on the IR until 1/15/83.


Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Promoting in Texas

Adrian Adonis, Black Gordman, Brian Adidas, Bryan St. John, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Adams, David Von Erich, Doug Vines, El Gran Apollo, Eric Embry, George Steele, Great Goliath, Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Jose Lothario, the Intelligent Sensational Destroyer, Jeff Sword, Kevin Von Erich, King Kong Bundy, Manny Fernandez, Mike Davis, Pat Patterson, Pez Whatley, Ray Stevens, Stan Hansen, Stan Lane, Steve Keirn, Steve Olsonoski, and Terry Gordy. Managers the Great Mephisto, Scandor Akbar,  and Sunshine are also in the area.


Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Primary Promoter: SLS
Promoting in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware

Bill Dundee, Billy Graham, Brian Adias, the Fantastics-Bobby Fulton & Terry Orndorff, Eric Embry, Gary Young, the Grapplers, Jimmy Snuka,  Jay Youngblood, Johnny Weaver, Konga the Barbarian, Leroy Brown, Mickey Doyle, Nikolai Volkoff, Paul Jones, Pedro Morales, Pork Chop Cash, Raul Mata, Samoans- Afa and Sika, Steve Regal, Steve Rickard, Steve Simpson, Tony Atlas, Tony Falk,  and Tiger Jeet Singh.  Managers Ernie Ladd, Scandor Akbar and Gary Hart are also in the area

Headquarters: New Orleans, LA
Primary Promoter: Packschmid

Promoting in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas
(28) Al Madril, Barry Horowitz, Bob Armstrong, Bob Roop, Bobby Fulton, Brad Rhiengans, Buck Robely, Frank Dusek, Great Gama, Jimmy Golden, Johnny Mantell, Korstia Korchenko, Magic Dragon (Haru Sonoda), Mike Boyette, Mike George, Mr. Ebony (Tom Jones), Pat Rose, Pez Whatley, Rick Valentine, Riki Choshu, Roddy Piper, Sivi Afi, Terry Latham, Timothy Flowers, Tom Prichard, Tommy Rogers, Tiger Conway Jr, Yoshiaki Yatsu,

Headquarters: Portland, OR
Primary Promoter: ROBERT DUNCAN

Promoting in Oregon and Washington
(28) Barry Orton, Barry Windham, Black Bart, Brutus Beefcake, Superstar Billy Graham, Butcher Vachon, David Sammartino, David Schultz, Dean Malenko,  Dick Slater, Gary Young, the Great Kabuki, Hiro Matsuda, Jake Roberts, Junkyard Dog, Ken Patera, Koko Ware, Kurt Von Hess, Mad Dog Vachon, Manchurians (Tio and Tapu), Nick Busick, Ron Bass, Ron Slinker, Perro Aguayo, Stan Stasiak, ?Tony Garea, and Tug Taylor. Manager Rock Hunter is also in the area. Iceman Parsons is on the DL until 11/16

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT
Primary Promoter: ROD KNOWLES

Promoting in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota
(28) Cheetah Kid, Bob Duncum, Bob Sweetan, Dos Caras, Dirty Rhodes, The Grapplers, Hacksaw Higgins, Igor Volkoff, Chief Jay Strongbow, Jerry Oates, Ken Lucas, Killer Brooks, Konga the Barbarian, Kurt Von Hess, The Moondogs (Rex & King), Otto Wanz, Ox Baker, Pedro Morales, Porkchop Cash, Robert Fuller, Ron Fuller, Ron Sexton Scott Casey, Spike Huber, Super Destroyer (Jack Poore), Ted Oates, and Victor Rivera, plus managers J.J. Dillon & John Tolos.

Headquarters: Tampa, FL
Primary Promoter: John McAdam
Promoting in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama

(28) Blackjack Lanza, Blackjack Mulligan, Bobby Jaggers, Brian Blair, Ernie Ladd, Gene Anderson, Gino Hernandez, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Barr, Jimmy Snuka, Kerry Von Erich, Killer Khan, Mark Youngblood, Matt Borne, Mil Mascaras, Mr. Wrestling II, Nick Bockwinkel, Ole Anderson,  Paul Orndorff, Ric Flair, Rick Martel, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Tommy Rich, Tully Blanchard, S.D. Jones, Sgt. Slaughter, Tim Horner, plus managers Bobby Heenan, Ken Mantell, and Lou Albano.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Primary Promoter: PAUL BUCHANAN

Promoting in California, Arizona, Washington and Nevada
(28)Abdul Asad, Adrian Street, Akira Maeda, Bob Orton Jr, Brad & Bart Batten, Buddy Landell, Buddy Jack Roberts, Buddy Rose, Chick Donovan, Curt Hennig, Dean Ho, Matt Borne,  Ed Wiskowski, Gary Royal, High Chief Onasahi, Hoot Gibson, John Tatum,  Mike Miller, Mike Shaw, Richard Charland, Ron Ritchie,  Ron Starr, Steve Regal,  Terry Allen,  and Tommy Rogers. Managers: Fred Blassie, Gary Hart, and Izzy Slapowitz are also in the area.

Headquarters: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Primary Promoter: BILLY BURGESS

Promoting in The Carribean
(28) Angelo Mosca, Carlos Colon, Charles Buffong, Checkmate, Don Kernodle, Dory Funk Jr., Hector Guerrero, Jim Nelson, Johnny Rivera, Jose Estrada, Ivan Koloff,  the Kangaroos- Don Kent, and Johnny Heffernan, Keith Larsen, Larry Sharpe, Leo Burke, Mark Fleming, Mike Jackson, The Moondogs (Rex & King), Paul Jones, Roger Kirby, Ron McFarlane, Ric Alexander, Roberto Soto, Scott McGhee, Scott Irwin, Tyree Pride,   the Wright Combination -Fire, and Ice (Dale Veasey and Troy Graham) . Managers Baby Doll, Ron Wright, and Al Costello are also in the area. Rick Conners and Charlie Fulton are on the DL until 12/1

Headquarters: New York, NY
Primary Promoter: CHRIS DEWAR

Promoting in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey
(28) Big Red Reese, Cheetah Kid, Chief Jay Strongbow, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith, Don Kernodle, The Hangman, Jesse Ventura, Joe Lightfoot, Larry Hennig, Magnificent Muraco, Mark Youngblood, Mike Shaw, The Nightmares (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis) , Pat Barrett, Pierre Lefebvre, Prof. Toru Tanaka, Roddy Piper, The Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd, Butch Miller  & Luke Williams), Super Destroyer (Bill Dromo), Tony Garea, Tor Kamata,& Villanos I and III. Managers Arnold Skoaland, and JR Foley are also in the area.