In Memorium
He came to me at a time when I needed him most. I met him when he ran in front of my car. A day later, my father had a stroke, and reluctantly, I had to turn him in to the county shelter. But I left specific instructions that if no one claimed him I wanted him back. A week later, I picked him up and it was as if he'd known me all his life. I was daddy, and no one would ever come between us - not even Mommy.
Moose and Pumpkin
Moose and Solomon
At age 12, Moose began to slow down, no longer living to swim as he once had. Approaching 13, I noticed him having difficulty with stairs, and went to have his hips checked. Sadly, the problem turned out to be a tumor covering much of the right side of his heart. I fed him a special diet and kept him as comfortable as I could, but in the end, his breathing became very labored, and he was retaining fluids in his abdomen, so painfully, we took him in to end his suffering. He now awaits us at the Rainbow Bridge, with Raggy, and Misha, and Kat and all the others. One day, we'll be reunited, and Moose will be at the front of the line, I'm sure.
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