Blackie's Page

In memory of our Blackie.

I have written something after each one of our friends died and will put it on their respective pages. If it takes me as long this time as it did then, it may be a while before I get this finished.

Today is Nov. 20 1993 and it is a beautiful, but sad day at our house. My wife and I buried our old friend Blackie this morning. He had been missing for two days and we were really concerned about him because it wasn't like Blackie to disappear like that. I found him this morning as I was coming back to the house from getting the paper. I saw something dark in the edge of the woods behind our house, it was Blackie. Blackie was laying in the woods about fifty feet from where his brother Sparkey had been laying when he died last July. He was in a spot where he would lay sometimes. What he died from we do not know. All I know is we were not with him, like we were with Sparkey, but it did not make it any easier to handle. Blackie was a mixed breed dog that looked like a Lab. He was big, gentle and very loving. We loved him very much, and we miss him very much.

Blackie was one of the last litter of pups that Red Girl had. She had nine pups and by the time we managed to find homes for the first six, we had became too attached to the last three to let them go. The three we kept were Blackie, Buster and Brandy.


A picture of Blackie

Born 4/6/1984 --Died 11/20/1993

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