Bootsie's Page

This is the story of Bootsie, or "Boots" A lucky cat indeed.

Bootsie came to our house like some of the others did, through the kindness of my wife's good heart. She was another cat that was going to be put to sleep because nobody wanted her. Bootsie is a beautiful gray cat with green eyes, a white face, white under her neck, two white front feet and two white boots in back. The name we picked seems to fit her quite well. She seems to like her name. She is a large cat she weighs around 18 pounds. Bootsie is more in the size range of our other big cat, Sabrena. Bootsie does not take much from Sabrena. She gives all Sabrena wants.

When Bootsie came here she was confused and afraid as you might expect from a cat that had been through as much as she had gone through. She was an outdoor cat and to then be confined like that is really stressful. It took some time for her to realize that she was at home and nothing here was going to harm her. You can tell she would really like to be outside, she will go to the door and sit with her head against it, wanting you open the door. With our dogs, its for her best intrest that she remains a house cat. She does look so sad sometimes it really does make you feel some what helpless. When our house is finished, we plan to make the deck area accessable to the cats. At least they can get outside and still be safe.

She really got close to me before my wife, which is rather unusual in its own way. Most animals get close to my wife before they do me. I did receive quite a few large scratches before I managed to figure her out. That is, when to stop petting her. I always though you could pet a purring cat, it took awhile before I realized thats not entirely true. I finally learned the trick of when enough was enough. Her hint is so, so sutble you will miss it easily. Then she will shread you before you can get that arm out of her reach. Boots still is not very friendly with my wife, that may have something to do with Sam. He is always around her, where ever she goes.

As time goes by, she and I have come to learn each other a little better. I know now when to leave her alone and when to pet her. She now comes into the living room every morning while I am having my coffee and hops in my lap. I pet her for a while, she curls up and goes to sleep. I think she is going to let me stay. Don't you?

Boots on the freezer.

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