Brandy's Page

This is the story of Brandy, the surving member of the Old Pack.

Brandy is a Irish Setter-Brittany Spaniel mix, she is almost 14 years old now. Brandy has been a real"Sweetheart" all her life. She has always been the lady. We had Brandy spayed after her first heat cycle and have never regretted it. This fact alone we think is the reason she is still with us and in good health. She has never been sick, never had any kind of problems.

Now Brandy is approaching 14 years old and she has started to show her age in the last few years. We have watched her muzzle, over the years, turn from dark Irish red, to white, she has gotten the lumps and bumps that come with old age. None of them are anything to worry about. She has lost most of her hearing and her eyes are beginning to cloud. But thats nothing to her, she goes about her daily life as she always has, living for today, not worring about tomorrow. That is a lesson that we all should learn and live by. She picks carefully the things she chases with the others. She lets them do all the running, she takes care of the barking.

She is still perky and youthful acting most of the time, especially around feeding time. Sometimes she does not come around to the back yard with the rest of the dogs when they come to eat. You have to go find Brandy. Most of the time she is lying some where asleep, or didn't hear or see the others leave. Once she spots you with the her bowl she knows where to go, and goes, with a frisky prance in her walk.

Brandy and Max share the job of tying the Old Pack and the New Pack together. Brandy is the last of her family. She has seen them all go to the Bridge, but she carries on as always. Max has also watched them go. His new family left him and Brandy in charge. They have helped the other new ones that came along feel at home here on the hill.

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