Dixie's Page

This is the story of Dixie, alias "Dixie Do", or "Hardhead" .

Dixie has an interesting story, as to how she became a member of the New Pack. She belonged to our neighbor, but would not stay at their house. They had two small boys and a small house dog when they got Dixie. They played with her a little, but not that much. They, for some reason, got another dog. Petie is a female boxer, you know like the one in "The Little Rascals" old movie shorts and the old TV programs. Nice looking dog. Fairly well behaved, quiet bark, sounds like she barks in a whisper.

Well guess what? The boys, and the family both seemed to push Dixie aside. She has always came over to our house to play and send time with our Pack. The next thing I knew, they were chaining up Dixie to try to keep her at home. Needless to say that Dixie didn't like that too much, and became quite a barker. She has a very loud mouth. As soon as they unchained her she would run and try to play with them. The boys would stay in the house and not pay her much attention. You could hear them tell her that they "We don't like you Dixie." They would tell us that they were going to get rid of Dixie. You know she knew what they were saying about her, she could tell that she was not loved at that house, by those people.

Dixie started to spend more and more time at our house. We would talk to her, pet her and hug her. Not trying to steal her away, but to show her the love she was not getting there. When it was time to feed ours, she would eat at our house. Its like having kids playing at your house and its time for your kids to eat. You can't just ignore the hungry faces. So Dixie ate with the Pack nearly all the time. Feeding time is always about the same time every day and somehow Dixie would be turned lose about 30min. before. Humm!!! Our neighbors must have saved a wad of money on food, because Dixie has a very healthy appetite. Of course with 5 dogs already 1 more was not that noticeable.

Last year when we put our fence up, she could be found sitting outside the gate looking into our back yard.They started talking about giving Dixie away. They were keeping her on the chain nearly all the time and it hurt us to hear and see her that way. When we would go to feed ours, Dixie could be seen through the trees, standing watching the Pack get their supper, and let me tell you it was hard to see. My wife then told them that we would like to have her. We could not let her get away, 'cause we had became really attached to Dixie by this time. To have her go somewhere else was just not acceptable for us. We had fallen in love with Dixie and she with us. It was proably our Pack she wanted to be with rather than us, but I like to think she enjoyed the love and attention she got from us enough to want stay with us. So, stay with us she did. Dixie became the latest member of the Pack.

Dixie is an Alpha female in a big way. She is a pretty big girl, a Sheppard-Rotti mix, weighing about 70lbs. As she became more at home here within the fenced area that she now calls her home, she has tried to take that title from Brandy, on occasion. We would not even let her growl much at our Ol'Girl without scolding Dixie. Since then we think Brandy has let Dixie ease into the role. We have watched age and experience give way to youthful spirit and strength. That is the way it should be, Brandy has done her tour of duty and it is time to let younger legs run to handle any sign of threat to the hill and Home.

Dixie is always on the alert, always on watch and usually first to defend the hill against all comers. Of course the fence is as far as she can get, but she is ready and unafraid to do her new job within the Pack structure. She meets you at the gate when you get home every time, she is most always the first one to get there. She loves to play fight with Sam and Stranger. She takes either of them, or both on and gives them a good scrap. Its just in fun because no one ever gets hurt. They have a good time playing. When the hair starts to stand up they call it quits.

Dixie gives the best puppy kisses anyone could possibly want with that big pink tounge of hers. We love her very much and are glad to have her in the family.

A picture of the young girl Dixie.

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