Jim Dandy

This is the story of Jim Dandy, alias Jim, or JimBo.

Jim's story starts back in 1992 when my wife was going to schoolto become a Vet Technician.

Jim was in the county animal shelter and was with the group of dogs and cats taken to the Technical Collage for student practice. Our Sam was also in that group, yep, Jim and Sam were cellmates, or so to speak.

The senior students get to name the dogs and cats while they areat the school. My wife fell in love with Sam, but also liked Jim, because of his good nature. If the students did not want to adopt the animals orcould not find them a home, they had to go back to the shelter. One of the other students liked Jim and was going to adopt him before he had to go back to the shelter. At the last minute, she decided she could not take Jim, so it was back to the shelter for him.

My wife just could not let Jim go back, so she adopted him and Jim went to live at my mother's. Jim sent six years living at my mother's house. Just recently she became unable to get down the back steps to feed and water Jim, so Jim came down to our house to live on the Hill with the rest of the Pack.

Jim is a large brindle colored pit terrier mixed breed male. He weighs about 75 lbs. and was neutered at the school back in 92. He hasa gentle and good nature. Jim fit in with the Pack like a hand in a glove.He was accepted with very little trouble. The only one of the Pack that gave him any trouble was Dixie. Dixie, the Alpha female, was the last dog to come to us before Jim. She wanted to get her point across to him, that he was below her in the order of rank within the Pack. Jim understands his place in that order now very well. Jim does not even try to dominate little Drifter, the Omega male. They act like buddies and get along just fine. Within the first couple of days, Jim was running the fence and barking, defending the Hill like the rest. He acts like he has been here all his life. Jim will be here for the rest of his life. He will never have to go anywhere.

You see there is no conflict over food or anything else within the Pack. They are all spayed or neutered dogs and are fed every day so there is no reason for them to fight about anything. The five adult males and one adult female that make up the Pack know that they have all the food and love they want or need. The end result being, there is no conflict between them. They are all content and happy here on the Hill.

Jim has been with us since August 98. After he had been with us more than a month, Jim started giving us a problem. Jim is the only one of the Pack that has ever tried to get out of our fence. He does not seem to be content with staying inside and playing with the rest of the Pack. He likes to get out early in the morning to play with a young German Shepard, named Pretty Boy, who belongs to a neighbor down the hill from us.

Jim does not wander off though. He stays within site of our house, in our neighbors yard or across the road in the pasture and around the barns in that pasture. The point is, that he gets out. He may go for weeks between times he gets out, but he does get out. He will even come back in, by himself, we have seen him do it. This may be the reason he was in the shelter way back then. We will continue to work on this problem and hopefully we can stop this behavior.

Other than this problem, Jim is a big loving sweetheart, a very kind and good natured dog. All things concidered, we are well pleased with Jim and he has a home here on the Hill, for the rest of his life. Jim is,,, finally at home!!

A picture of Ol' Jim Dandy.


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