Max's Page

This the story of Max, alias "Jack Rabbit"

Max is the first member of The New Pack. He came into the family when all of The Old Pack were alive and a very noticeable presence in our part of the "country". We don't live in town. We live on a hill top over looking about one hundred acres of pasture land. From the hill you can see quite a distance. From our front porch you can not see another house. The Old Pack used to have a couple of square miles to roam in, and they ruled it. Max had four very good senior dogs to teach him the ropes. Max learned his lessons very well and is carrying on in the Old Pack tradition.

The two roads that run by our house were dirt roads when we moved here, but have since been paved. As it is every where people are moving out of town to live in the country. It has forced us to fence in our three acres as a protection for our four legged family friends. There are things here for them to chase, squirrels, ground squirrels, birds and an occasional rabbit or deer that happens to get inside the fence. There is nothing here that can harm them. We don't have to worry about them being hit by a car or them getting into fights with other animals. They are safe.

Max was just a small puppy when I saw him the first time. He was about the size of a shoe box when my wife and a friend brought him home. They ran into someone that said they were going to use the pup to bait a turtle basket. Well, to make a long story a little shorter, he has been with us for seven years now. He has a problem with his back legs, he has hip dysplasia. Max is a shepherd - rottie mix. As he gets older I can see the stiffness setting in, but, he handles it well. We will put him on medication before he starts hurting too badly.

Max is a very gentle dog and very jealous when it comes to getting his loving. He will position himself between you and the other dogs as they come to you. We had Max neutered when he was about 1 yr. old and he has not seemed to have missed anything. Max is in good health and a happy member of the Pettus Family. Max has the honor of sharing a job with Brandy, tying the Old Pack and The New Pack togther.

A picture of Max.