Ol' Red Girl's Page

In memory of Red, the one who started it all.

This is the way it all started, way back in 1982. Red came to us when we lived on the lake. That was sometime in the early spring, I don't remember the exact time. She was seen at neighbors house by my wife when she went to work one morning. When she came home that day the dog followed her down the drive to the house. Can you guess the rest?


Today I have the sad task of writing about one of our beloved animals. She was the patriarch of our dog family. Red died sometime Monday night Jan. 9 1995. We had been expecting it for the last few months, but it was still awfully hard to deal with. You see Red had been with us for 13 years. Ol' Red we think was 15 years old. During that time she gave us lots of pups. None of which we wanted, at first.

Blackie, Brandy and Buster were from Red's last liter. Sparkey was a liter of one. Buster was the first to go 8 years ago. We don't know what killed him , it wasn't natural. He was about 4 years old. Sparkey was next, he was almost 10. Then Blackie less 2 years later. Then this year Red.

Now that leaves Brandy. She has seen all her family die and be buried here in the backyard by me and my wife. She laid near Sparkey's head and watched me dig Red's grave and you could see it in her eyes, she knew what was going on. So did Max , he was laying at Blackie's head and he knew to , because he was there when the two old boys were buried. In less than four years he lost three of his new adopted family.

We will keep remembering them all, and love the ones we have left. Brandy is the Old Girl now, and Max and Sambo will have to share a title of The Boys. Sabrena is in a class by herself, The Fat Cat. We love them all.


1/82 She came to us. ----Died 1/9/1995

A picture of Red Girl

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