Sabrena's Page

This is the story of Sabrena, alias "BC", or Big Cat.

Sabrena came to us from a friend who needed some help. She had been shot by one of their neigbors. You see Sabrena has a very strong desire for tomatoes. Yes, I said tomatoes. She was shot while eating them from the vine in that persons garden. She had been shot through her neck and her left front leg.

Our friends had two small girls that would not leave the cat alone long enough for her to make a full recovery. So they brought her down to our house and asked if we would like a cat. Well, we were dog people, we had no cats. To be honest, we felt sorry for the cat. The kids tried to make a pull toy out of her. So we then had a new member of the family. Sabrena has been with us now for 4 years as of October 1997.

Sabrena is now a very large cat weighing about 18 lbs . She was with us before we got Sam, therefore she thinks that it is her house and every thing in it is hers. She tries to protect and guard the whole house. She lies in wait for Grace or Boots to come through the room and is ready to ambush them.

Boots is also a large cat of about the same weight, so Boots does not take much from "BC" , but little Grace is another story. Sabrena sometimes is a pure terror when she wants to be. She drives Grace "crazy" and then sits and watches her and I think she is laughing to herself. "HeHeHe" She hardly ever touches Grace, but she lets out the most bloodcurdling crys.

All in all "BC" is a really good cat to be around. She does not purr, she coos like a pidgon. She goes into the kitchen every time that you go in there and begs for her treats. She likes for you to throw them across the floor so she can play catch. I think she misses the outside world. She loves to lie in the window and look at things in the yard. Especially when the windows are open. Of course so does Boots and Grace, because they all three were outdoor cats before they came to live on the hill with the Pack.

Speaking of the Pack, Sabrena got of the house awhile back and nearly got caught and almost became a chew toy. My wife intercepted the dogs and gave Sabrena enought time to get up a tree. Bless her fat little heart it was very scary for her. She lost one claw on her back leg from scrambling that 18lbs. up the tree. When my wife got her she said that her heart was beating really fast and took some time before she calmed down. Needless to say she has not tried to get out since then. She will look, but she does not try to get out as much as she did before that incident. Don't blame her for that. Being chased by five dogs would be very unnerving, don't you think?

I said five because Sam and Sabrena get along just fine. They have been together long enough I guess that they have learned that there is no threat from the other. Just last nite they slept just a few inches apart at the foot of our bed. Two humans, a 50lb. doggie and an 18lb. cat makes for some close sleeping. Such togetherness makes sleeping quite a challenge, but what can I say? We have a most unusual family. Its a family that I would not trade for any other family that I know. Why? Because I Love them all. I am a very happy man!!

A picture of BC

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