Sambo's Page

This is the story of Sambo, alias "Sam","Puppy"or "Son".

Sam is a very special boy. He is the one who found his way into our hearts the first time we saw him. Sam was a shelter dog that was lucky enough to make eye contact with my wife at school. My wife was attending a local technical collage, studying to become a Veterinary Technician, when see first saw Sam. Love at first sight, for both of them. She came home one day and began to tell me about a dog that was at school and she was worried that he would not be adopted out and have to go back to the shelter. Dogs and cats from the animal shelter are used to help train the students to be able to work with a DVM. At the end of the semester the students have the opportunity to adopt the animals, or they go back. When they leave they have been spayed or neutered and have all their current shots. I went to school with my wife one night to do kennel duty, that is when I saw Sam for the first time. I have to admit I didn't think to much about him then. We talked it over and we agreed we would adopt him. Next time she had kennel duty I went with her to bring him home. On the way home he sat in her lap all the way, looking out the windshield even though it was at night. When we pulled in the yard, the other dogs barked as we pulled in the drive, and so did Sam. Well that started it. When I opened the door to get out I managed to get one foot on the ground before Sam jumped across me and hit the ground. What he ran into was Brandy, the senior girl of the Old Pack, they locked forelegs, chest to chest, standing on their hind legs, for about five seconds and it was over. Sam was accepted right then and there. All the old pack took to Sam and he took to all of them. They became friends right then. That is when my opinion of Sam changed drastically.

Sam is a mixed breed , we think, between a bird dog and a basset. He has a white chest, feet and a blaze muzzle, all with black ticking. The rest of him is solid black. He also has a white tip on his tail, weighs about fifty pounds, and has short legs, and is all dog. He sleeps with us, and is constantly by our side. He has to have a truck ride every day and he loves for us to walk down to the garden with him. He is our Son.

My boy Sam getting some sun.

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