Sparkey's Page

In memory of Sparkey, My "Spark-a-roo".

I started trying to write something for Sparkey the same day he died, and the following tribute took me two weeks, of trying every day to write. Short as it is, it's awfully hard to write when you can't see for all the tears.


Sometimes you never really know how much you really care about an animal till you lose one. We lost our old friend Sparkey last week. He was nine and a half years old. He died with myself and my wife by his side, down in the woods behind our house with his brothers and sister close by. We don't know what was the actual cause, but I can say with all honesty that we all miss him very, very much.

Sparkey was a mixed breed, but there could never be a pure bread dog that could ever mean as much to us as he did. He was the fastest dog, the meanest dog, when he had to be, and a very loving dog all the time. All our dogs loved my wife more than me and would come to meet her when she would come home. Most of the time, even in the rain, it would be Sparkey that would come to meet me when the others were not to be seen.

I feel guilty about the way I treated him sometimes. I never abused him but I could have paid him a little more attention than I did, but now it's too late.


A picture of my Spark-a-roo

Born 1/28/1983 -- Died 7/22/1992

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