Stranger's Page

This is the story of Stranger, alias "Handsome"or "Strange".

Stranger came to us about two years ago. He came with his own friend, Drifter. Our boy Max was missing all day one day, which was unusual, something he did not do alone. Late in the day after we had looked for him, called him, and whistled for him, I spotted him. He was down the road, by the curve, as the road comes up the hill to the house. As I called him he would stand and look at me. Then I saw why. There with Max was two other dogs. They stayed at the curve and Max came home. Then later he was gone again. This time he brought the two dogs home with him. They spent the next two days in the pasture across the road by the mailbox. The next day they were in the edge of the yard. They both had a lot of hair loss, and looked pretty bad. You know, looked like the mange, but was not. It was caused by lack of nutrition and being on the road with no place to stay or nobody to care for or about them. My wife took care of that by worming them and we bathed and dipped them. After a few days you could tell the hair was coming back. They also started to gain some weight. Drifter has his own story, that I'll tell on his page.

Stranger, in a couple of days acted as if he was born on the hill and was ready to defend it like all the rest. After a few months we took him to the Vet and had him neutered and got all his shots. Stranger is a big dog, a shepherd- rottie mix. On his last visit to the Vet he weighed over eighty pounds. His hair coat is smooth, soft and shinny black. It was a surprise how loving Stranger was from the very beginning. I don't know if he was that loving, even after being a stray, or was he that glad to have a home. Strange really looks contented and happy with his new adopted family. We are glad that Max found them and brought them home. We are glad that we took them in to our family. We have always wondered what Max told those guys. What ever he said to them worked.

Picture of Strang resting on the poarch.

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