"Books Are Good"
In our world today people like and dislike books. It all depends on who the person is and what kind of books they like. In Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, you either like or dislike the novel because of the topics he states. In Bradbury’s novel he covers topics that include burning books and saying controversial words. If I were in Montag’s position and I had to save at least three books I would choose,   The Bible, Green Eggs and Ham, and   The Giver.
The first book I would save is Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. The reason for choosing this book is, because it is a basic book on an easy subject that almost everyone can understand and relate to. It is simply talking about where you can eat green eggs and ham and how you can eat them. This book shows that trying new food is not a bad thing to do and that you should try new foods so your body can expand.
The second book that I would save is The Giver, by Lois Lowry. The reason for this is because I enjoyed the book a lot. I read it about two years ago and I still enjoy it now. The Giver is about a boy that has to receive training to be the next giver because the older giver is getting old. In being the giver he had to learn about all the stuff that his community did not  know. I think this book is important because it makes you think about stuff, like what would happen to us if we just forgot everything about everything and had to start over. So I do think that this book would be good to future generations because it would make them think.
The third and final book that I would save is, The Bible.  The Bible is it when it comes to books, it states everything that happened and how we are what we are today. The Bible is by far the most important book ever in my mind. If there was no Bible I don’t know how society would. I think it is important for future generations to always have this book, I am not saying read it every day, I am just saying that it would be nice to pick it up once in a while and remember all the good stuff that you need to know.
Whether you like or dislike books, that is your way of thinking. The three books that I have choose are the following; Green Eggs and Ham, which is a must read if you want to learn many ways to eat green eggs and ham. The Giver, this book will help you appreciate where you live and how you live. And finally The Bible, which I think is a very important book. Over all books can be good and they can be bad. There can be some controversial topics and then there can be some funny humorous books that everyone likes. All in all you should give books a try because there is nothing to loose.
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