Stacy's Biography:
Nickname - Keibs
Height - 5"11
Hair Color - Blonde
Eye Color - Brown
D.O.B - October 14, 1979
Star Sign -
Birthplace - Baltimore
Cities Lived In - Baltimore
Schools Attended - Towson University
College Major - Mass Communications
Other Jobs -
Baltimor Ravens Cheerleader
Hobbies -
Dancing, Working Out, Shopping and reading
Favorite Food - Steak
Favorite Color - Purple
Favorite Pets - Puppies
Favorite Music -
Variety Of Music, Depends On Stacy's Mood
Favorite Musical Artists -
Backstreet Boys and Janet Jackson
Favorite TV Shows -
"Monday Nitro", "Friends" and "Just Shoot Me"
Favorite Movies -
There's Something About Mary and Grease
Favorite Actor - Tom Hanks
Favorite Actress - Julia Roberts
Role models - Her Parents
Motto - Don't Wish For It, Work For It.
Find These Qualities Attractive In a Partner -
Honest, Humorous and devoted
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