Opening the Vaults of Memphis Wrestling

Opening the Vaults is a TV show based out of Memphis that briefly aired in 2002. The show featured classic clips of Memphis wrestling from the various companies that have ran through Memphis since the 1970s. All episodes are digitally recorded onto DVD.

Episodes 17 & 18
2 hours
Episode #17

  • Backstage at some 2001 Orlando tapings with Gene Okerlund guest hosting in Dave Brown's place on the panel.
  • Classic: The Rock 'N' Roll Express vs. Pat Hutchinson & Jim Jameson; post match interview with Jim Cornette
  • Classic: Interview with Jos LeDuc & King Konga
  • Sitdown interview with Jimmy Snuka
  • Includes promos and interviews by Road Warrior Hawk, the Harris Brothers, Buff Bagwell, Hail, Brian Knobs, Johnny B. Badd, Kevin Sullivan, Kid Kash, Juventud Guerrera, Tony Schiavone, Drezden, Konnan, Luke Williams, Virgil, Big Vito, Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, The Demon, and Marty Jannetty
    Episode #18
  • Jimmy Hart announces new First Family: The Nasty Boys and Greg Valentine
  • Classic: Ken Raper & Jim Jameson vs. Manny Fernandez & Hector Guerrero; post match interview with Bill Dundee
  • Classic: Bill Dundee vs. Keith Eric; Manny Fernandez & Hector Guerrero come out
  • Classic: Jerry Lawler vs. Austin Idol (Hair vs. Hair Steel Cage match); post match headshaving and backstage interview with the winner

    Episodes 19 & 20
    2 hours
    Episode #19

  • Newer episodes from 2005 with new set; hosted by Corey Maclin & Brian Teigland, joined by Jerry Lawler & Renee
  • Jerry Lawler has to apologize to two locals, but attacks them
  • Classic: Rock 'N' Roll Express vs. The Dream Machine & Porkchop Cash
  • Phone calls to Billy Wicks and Sputnik Monroe
  • Classic: Jimmy Valiant music video
  • Dave Brown talks about channel 13 days with stories of Stan Frazier, Adam West, and Jerry Lawler dressing as a woman
  • Classic: Bill Dundee vs. Jerry Lawler; interview with Lawler
    Episode #20
  • Classic: Bill Dundee vs. Dutch Mantell; Dundee music video
  • Dave Brown talks about WMC 5 days with stories of interaction with the other territories
  • Classic: Dirty Rose & Harley Davison (Hillbilly Jim) vs. Koko B. Ware & Norvell Austin
  • Classic: Rock 'N' Roll Express music video
  • Phone call to Jimmy Hart; Hart "We Hate School" music video
  • Classic: The Fabulous Ones vs. The Moondogs; Fabulous Ones music video

    Episodes 21 & 22
    2 hours
    Episode 21

  • Jimmy Hart guest hosts in place of Brian Teigland
  • Classic: Dutch Mantell vs. Rick Rude
  • Phone call to Dutch Mantell
  • Classic: Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich vs. Koko B. Ware & Norvell Austin
  • Dave Brown talks with Corey Maclin about the transition of Lance Russell leaving for Atlanta and the Randy Hales Power Pro days
  • Classic: Footage of the Andy Kaufman vs. Jimmy Hart feud after Kaufman turned face
  • Classic: Footage of the Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman feud
  • Phone call to Jim Cornette
    Episode 22
  • Jimmy Hart hosts again in place of Brian Teigland
  • Classic: Bill Dundee interview, Jerry Lawler comes out and attacks him; Dundee vs. Lawler music video
  • Classic: Rock 'N' Roll Express vs. The Nightmares
  • Phone call to Lance Russell
  • Classic: Dutch Mantell, Koko B. Ware, & Terry Taylor vs. Jake, Elwood, & Mad Dog
  • Phone call to Jimmy Valiant
  • Classic: Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk
  • Classic: Jerry Lawler music video

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