Off The Record

Off The Record is a panel discussion show that airs on TSN, hosted by Michael Landsberg. Each episode is approximatly 30 minutes. Also check out the Gallagher section, a TSN show for the 98/99 TV season that featured several appearances by wrestlers.

October 1997
Guests: Bobby Heenan, Dave Winfield,& Paul Romanuk

November 1997
Guests: Glen Kulka, Danielle House,& Darren Dutchyshen
Guests: Sunny, John Gallagher,& John Wells
Guest: Bret Hart
Guests: Dok Hendrix, Maestro Fresh Wes,& Gino Reda
Guests: Jim Neidhart, British Bulldog,& Honky Tonk Man

December 1997
Guest: Bret Hart

February 1998
Guests: Bret Hart, Waldo Von Erich,& Donnie Abreu
Guests: Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chyna, & Dok Hendrix
Guest: Vince McMahon (Part One)
Guest: Vince McMahon (Part Two)

March 1998
Guest: Eric Bischoff
Guests: Quebecers, & George Stroumboulopoulos

May 1998
Guest: Steve Austin

July 1998
Guests: Gene Okerlund, Shannon Short, & Jim Kenzie
Guests: Owen Hart, Tiger Ali Singh, Carl DeMarco, & appearances by Undertaker, Edge, Val Venis, the Toronto Argonaut Cheerleaders, & Rick Brace

August 1998
Guests: Jason Sensation, Glen Kulka, & Trish Stratus

November 1998
Guests: Butterbean, Trish Stratus, & George Stroumboulopoulos

December 1998
Guests: Val Venis, Beverly Mahood, & Kat Teasdale

January 1999
Guests: Sable, Carl DeMarco, & Jeff Marek

February 1999
Guest: Mick Foley
Guest: Rocky Maivia
Guests: Bill Goldberg, Gene Okerlund, & Jeff Marek

March 1999
Guests: Chris Jericho, Tom Cross, & Marc Burgess
Guests: Edge, O.J. Santiago, & Douglas Century
Guests: Chris Benoit, Kim Gellard, & Colin Daynes
Guests: Val Venis, Beverly Mahood, & Buzz Hargrove

April 1999
Guests: Debra McMichael, Honky Tonk Man, & Chris Pritchett
Guests: Christian, Tean, & Adam Nagler

July 1999
Guests: Val Venis, Greg Moore, & Patrick Carpentier
Guest: Vince McMahon
Guests: Vince & Linda McMahon

August 1999
Guests: Shane & Stephanie McMahon
Guests: Rena Mero, Gene Mack, & Brian Budd

November 1999
Guests: Chris Jericho, Willie Wilson, & Jacqui Delaney
Guest: Mick Foley

September 2000
Guests: Ken Shamrock, Mark Tewksbury, & 2 others

November 2000
Guest: Chyna

April 2001
Guests: Chris Jericho, Val Venis, Edge, & Christian
Guest: Kurt Angle

November 2001
Guest: Booker T
Guest: Joanie Laurer

March 2002
Guest: Ric Flair
Guest: Triple H
Guest: Jim Ross
Guest: Chris Jericho
Guest: Undertaker

November 2002
Guests: Maven, Valerie Pringle, & 2 others
Guests: Edge, Johnnie Cochran, Jonathon Power, & Dave Beneteau

December 2002
Guest: Paul Heyman
Guest: Hulk Hogan
Guest: Hulk Hogan

January 2003
Guest: Jerry Lawler

February 2003
Guest: Bret Hart
Guest: Bret Hart

March 2003
Guests: Jacques Rougeau, Scott Norton, Jill Nelson, & Chris Tessaro
Guest: Eric Bischoff
Guest: Shawn Michaels

May 2003
Guest: Edge

June 2003
Guest: Jim Ross

July 2003
Guests: Billy Kidman, Dave Beneteau, K-Os, & Ron Bremner

September 2003
Guest: Mick Foley

November 2003
Guests: Lita, Anthony Miller, Sam Sarpong, & Ben Mulroney

December 2003
Guest: Trish Stratus

April 2004
Guest: Chris Benoit
Guest: Kurt Angle

June 2004
Guests: Jesse Jane, Ben Mulroney, Ernie Coetzee, & Jason Darr
Guest: Vince McMahon
Guest: Vince McMahon

July 2004
Guests: Ric Flair, & 3 other guests
Guest: Ric Flair

November 2004
Guest: Edge, & 3 other guests

December 2004
Guest: Triple H
Guests: Bret Hart, & 3 other guests

January 2005
Guests: Chris Jericho, Carmen Electra, Pinball Clemons, & Ben Kowalewicz

March 2005
Guests: Edge & Christian

June 2005
Guests: Rob Van Dam, & 3 other guests
Guest: John Cena

August 2005
Guests: Roddy Piper, Bobby Heenan, & Gene Okerlund

October 2005
Guests: Mick Foley

April 2006
Guests: Bret Hart

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