Miscellaneous Women's Wrestling

These are assorted women's wrestling events that were generally one time events and don't fit under any promotional category.

Bikini Brawl 2
1 hour

  • Nicole Oring vs. Kelly Taylor
  • Amy vs. Candi vs. Honey More
  • Jerica and Lola vs. Shelly Martinez and Jessa
  • Jessa vs. Shelly Martinez
  • Carla Harvey vs. Michellee
  • Nicole Oring vs. Freaky
  • Charlie vs. Amber Peach vs. Lisa Sparx

    Exotic Ladies of Wrestling: Hot & Heavy
    2 hours

  • Battle Royal
  • Kacee Carlisle vs. Annie Social
  • Bobcat vs. Becky Bayless
  • Alicia vs. Mickie Knuckles
  • ODB vs. Roni Jonah
  • Bobcat vs. Krystal Frost vs. Roni Jonah
  • Alicia vs. Becky Bayless
  • Alicia & Kacee Carlisle vs. Annie Social & Becky Bayless
  • ODB vs. Mickie Knuckles

    Hottest Ladies of Wrestling
    2 hours

  • Casey vs. Venus; special referee: Jacqueline
  • Promo by Francine
  • Christi Ricci vs. Claudia
  • Hollywood vs. Lollipop
  • Diamond vs. Porche (Oil Wrestling match)
  • Jazz (w/ Francine) vs. Passion
  • Christi Ricci vs. ODB (w/ Francine)
  • Bobcat vs. Amy Lee (w/ ODB)
  • Rumble Battle Royal (HLOW Championship match; Participants: Jazz, Amy Lee, Venus, Casey, ODB (w/ Francine), Christi Ricci, Claudia, Passion, Lollipop, Bobcat (w/ Gorgeous George)); special referee: Jacqueline

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