USWO Late Night

USWO is a promotion based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Each tape contains the full month's worth of TV shows, which are 30 minutes in length a piece, unless otherwise noted.

November 2003 TV (missing November 15 episode)
2 hours

  • Josh Moore vs. Calo
  • Valentina vs. ODB (2 out of 3 Falls: Bikini Contest, Arm Wrestling, Lumberjack match)
  • Dan The Man vs. Tiny Bear (TV Title match)
  • Chase Stevens vs. American Psycho
  • Dan The Man vs. Chuck Taylor (TV Title match)
  • Christi Ricci vs. ODB
  • Valentina vs. Lee Handsome
  • Chase Stevens vs. Chris Michaels
  • Repeat of November 8 episode

    December 2003 TV (missing December 13 episode)
    1.5 hours

  • Devon Day vs. Kato (Heavyweight Title match)
  • Christi Ricci vs. ODB
  • Slacker-J vs. Tim Renesto
  • Old School Players vs. Suicidal Youth
  • Dan The Man vs. El Hondro (TV Title match)
  • Valentina vs. Sex Kitten Kathy
  • Christi Ricci vs. ODB
  • Chuck Taylor, Craziness, & Sinn vs. The Goonees & Ty Blade
  • Devon Day vs. Eron Hatchett

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