Updated 12 March 2009

In 2002 I agreed to act as QSL manager for some friends of mine, in addition to handling the QSLing for my own radio activity.  This is fun, and I strive to answer requests as I receive them - as long as the contacts are in the log for that station.  You may send QSL cards to me through the QSL bureau system via WD9EWK, or through the postal system directly to the following address: 

P.O. Box 1934
Scottsdale AZ 85252-1934

Please send a separate card (or cards) for each callsign you wish to receive a QSL card from, as I forward the cards I receive to each station.  In some cases, the operators need the cards as part of the licensing process in their country, or they need the cards to show activity and justify their special callsigns they may have for contesting or a special event. 

WARNING!  Some hams are still sending mail to my former mailing address in Phoenix.  This was changed in June 2005, and the post office is not forwarding mail to me from that address any longer.  In September 2008, I changed post office box numbers, and mail sent to my old PO box in Scottsdale AZ (9238) will be forwarded to my current address for 12 months. 

Activity by WD9EWK and VA7EWK
Since June 1996, I have operated using the following callsigns: 

Unfortunately, I do not have my logs for contacts made before July 1996 - covering my activity when I initially obtained WD9EWK in 1977 when living in Illinois, and all HF contacts made using the callsigns KB7HFF, N7MRV, and KF7YS between 1989 and 1996 in Arizona. 

If you wish to receive a QSL card from WD9EWK's radio activity, just send a QSL card.  An SASE or an SAE with some provision for return postage (a US dollar bill or new IRC) would be nice, but not necessary. 

QSL VIA WD9EWK - Other Stations
In addition, here is a listing of the other stations I currently accept QSL requests for:  Along with these stations, I am the maildrop for Rafael XE2RV (ex-XE2PWF), Omar XE1AO, and Eliseo XE2TPJ.  Cards I receive for these stations are forwarded to them. 

If a callsign is not listed here, then I am not the QSL manager or maildrop for that station. 

Sending a QSL card directly to WD9EWK
If you send a card directly to me for any of the stations WD9EWK manages QSL cards for, please include one of the following with your QSL request: 
I enjoy helping out fellow hams this way, and appreciate the efforts of many other QSL managers who have helped me obtain QSL cards quickly for some stations which might normally take a long time - if I ever see a card from some of those places.  At this time, I am not interested in expanding the number of stations I manage QSL cards for, but you may contact me if you have any questions or comments. 


WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Ham Radio 1