XE2/WD9EWK on the air from Mexico

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Updated 24 February 2009

I have been to Mexico many times recently to visit friends and also operate my radios from there.  It is really fun to be the DX instead of just trying to get the DX from home.  After a lot of hassle, I finally filed for Mexican amateur-radio permits (not an easy process) and have enjoyed the experience of operating from a foreign country - even if that means a 4-hour drive from my home and going just 3 miles/5km into that country to a friend's home, or just a few yards/meters across the border.  Details of my trips are on the links listed below: 

Under Mexican regulations, I am not allowed to operate in a "DXpedition", in contests, or from Mexican islands without special authorization - authorization that is not easy to obtain, usually impossible unless working with a larger group of Mexican hams.  This seems to me a bit unfair, considering that Mexican hams are permitted to operate in the USA without filing for a permit and without restrictions other than not exceeding the privileges of the USA Amateur Extra class operator.  For now, I deal with the restrictions and get on the air from there - and enjoy being on the receiving end of the occasional pileup. 

Need a QSL from XE2/WD9EWK?
If you wish to send a QSL for XE2/WD9EWK, those should go via WD9EWK through the QSL bureau or direct to: 

P.O. Box 1934
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XE2/WD9EWK Log Search
I also have a page with my online XE2/WD9EWK log for all my trips since I started using ham radio from Mexico in May 2000.  It contains the date, callsign, band, and mode for each contact I have made from there. 

Until my next trip south, 73!