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          Thanks for visiting Magnolia, Arkansas, the home of RV Camper. It is the town where we live and park our motor home when it's not on the road.

          Here's where we feature our home town, Magnolia, Arkansas with pictures and highlighted events.

          Magnolia is a small city of about 12,000 people located in the southwestern corner of Arkansas at the cross roads of US 82and US 79. Texarkana, Arkansas is 60 miles to the West, Shreveport, Louisiana is 90 miles to the Southwest, and Little Rock, Arkansas is 100 miles to the North. Our surrounding topography is of rolling hills mostly covered in pine forests.

          We have provided a small sample of our neat little city, hopefully whetting your appetite for more. We would love for you to come see Magnolia; we are confident that you will enjoy your visit with us!

          magnolia map

          All of the pictures are reduced versions. Just click on the picture and you will be taken to the full sized photo. Click your browser's back button to return to this page. ENJOY!

          We will start at the Columbia County Court House, or "the square". As with most county seats in this area, the city grew from the center of the town where the courthouse was situated. Notice our gazebo! Not long ago, we hosted checker tournaments right there each Saturday. Kathryn's granddaddy was usually present.

          picture by Bernie Jungkind

          This is the same courthouse taken during the Christmas season. All of the merchants around the square decorate alike during the holidays. The downtown area is truly a beautiful site at Christmas! Magnolia is listed with the
          State Of Arkansas Tourist Bureau as a participant in "The Trail of Lights".


          Magnolia has four gorgeous murals painted on the sides of downtown buildings; all within walking distance of the square. We have a fifth mural planned which will depict the "movie" era. Each of the murals has a distinctive theme of its own; this one depicting the "oil boom"days. There are still some producing oil wells in the area, but not like in the "glory days".


          This mural depicts the era when cotton was king. As with the oil, there is not much cotton produced around Magnolia any more. The farm land is used mostly for raising cattle while the majority of the land in the area is covered in pine trees.

          blossom festival

          This is a mural depicting one of the main events in Magnolia each year; the Blossom Festival. The square is blocked off for the third weekend of each May for craft vendors to set up shop in the streets. This three day event includes a parade and is capped off by The World Champion Steak Cook Off. All entries sell their gourmet steaks to all that will eat.  Yum yum! The courthouse in the background is part of the mural.

          Logoly State Park

          This mural depicts Logoly state Park, located just outside of town. This park was made possible due to the efforts and generosity of three residents of Magnolia in 1974.

          SAU Thumb

          Southern Arkansas University is located in Magnolia on the North edge of town. Here the "Mule Riders" compete in football, basketball, track, baseball, and rodeo. Yep, rodeo! The university is a member of a collegiate rodeo association where the student rodeo athletes compete among each other for points and standing. Each participating school hosts rodeo events for the competing schools each fall. Great fun! We love it! The university has colleges featuring degrees, among others, in agriculture, business, the arts and medicine.

          Lake Columbia

          Magnolia's water supply comes from beautiful Lake Columbia, located a few miles out of town. The lake is also a favorite among campers and boaters. There are 25 RV campsites with hook-ups in the woods across the inlet.

          Thank you for visiting Magnolia, Arkansas. We hope you will come and visit Magnolia whenever you get the opportunity.

        If you would like more information on the Magnolia Blossom Festival, click on the blossom below.


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