The Rules
Anne Robinson
The Info
Inside Info

Miscellaneous Information

When's it on?
Weekdays, BBC 2 at 5.15pm
Weekdays and Sundays, BBC Choice at 7.00pm
Most Thursdays, BBC 1 at 8.00pm

Who presents it?
Anne Robinson! Who else?!

Who is that dull voice-over man?
Jon Briggs - the most impartial man in the universe (He isn't dull, really. Visit his website at
http://www.jonbriggs.com) "In a dramatic reversal of fortune, Robet is now the weakest link. Tom is the strongest link, but will the team notice at this crucial stage of the game. I'm not really bothered. I think I'll go and have a cup of tea now." Please give him more interesting things to say!

What's that catchphrase again?
"You ARE the Weakest Link - goodbye!"

Where can I get more info?
Nowhere! This is the most detailed Weakest Link site on the Internet! So there! But take a look at the links page for some other good sites.

Any questions? Email bohemiauk@yahoo.co.uk !