Amazing Secrets Revealed...

How a Handful of Copy Writing Experts Have Made

Millions From Selling Lonely Men

eBooks on How to Get Women...

Out of ‘Social Awkwardness’,

Ignorance, Lack of Social Skills, Socio Phobia,

or Just Plain Shyness, THOUSANDS of men

Being Seduced by Flashy Web Copy Like This”

    You Know the Sort of Ad:

  • Huge Writing

  • Poor Grammar

  • Typos

  • B-I-G Bullet Points all Over the Place

  • Lots and Lots of Testimonials that Come from Lord Knows Where

    Wow This is Amazing!

    “I thought that I was going to be a hermit with no friends and no social skills for the rest of my life! Then I discovered this $59 eBook, and I’m poorer, but my life is no better. I couldn’t take advantage of the so-called advice inside. It was plain crap.” - Computer Scientist, NY

Lots and Lots of Promises, but Little Proof that Any of The Customers are Actually Getting Anywhere!

If You Think the Testimonials are Too Good to be True, they Probably Are!

A Bit Concerned!

“I got my money back from the last PDF that I bought from some guy. But then I’m somewhat of an assertive person. I wonder how many other men out there didn’t ask for their money back, just because they were too afraid to ask, or didn’t know what to do? I think it’s shameful to prey on lonely men like this.” - Janitor, FL

For Fifty Bucks, You’d Expect Something That Was at Least A Few Hundred Pages Long and Printed. Or At Least Something A Little Better Written!

Now I’m Not Going to Sit Here and Complain That All You Get Is A Damn PDF. I’m All For IP and the Free Market and Everything, But at Least for These Prices, They Could at Least Write Something a Bit More Professional!

Promises... Promises...

Is Your Life REALLY Going to Change Just by Reading One of These ‘How To Get Chicks’ Type Books?

Is it Really a Matter of Just “Following Their Advice?”, or Would You Need Something More...

Hundreds of Testimonials, But How do You Know How Many – as in – What Percentage of Men are Able to Actually Get Anything Out of These Books? Do They Tell You That? Do They Even Care?

Look. Quite Frankly, You Can Make a Mint Just by Writing Some Crap Into a Word Processor and Publishing it Onto the Web. You Don’t Even Have to Spend Anything On Printing Costs!

  • Little, If Any Proofreading

  • Just Write Crap. Who’s Gonna Know?

  • Hey, Your Ideas Can Conflict With Somebody Some Other eBook Guy’s, and the Socially Backward Men Wouldn’t Have Any Idea What BS You’ve Just Pulled on Them.

  • Make up Words, Bullshit About NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotic Commands, Special Jedi-Knight Mind Tricks, Secret Handshakes, Unproven Body Language Secrets, and more!...

Upset, Frustrated, and a LITTLE EMBARRASED!

“I bought this guys book, and read through it. I must admit, it WAS an entertaining read. And I *thought* I understood the minds of women! But then I was told that if I were further my knowledge and skills, I were to buy this other book! And then another! And there was a different book, supposedly by a different author which was meant to explain to my slightly different aspects of how to get chicks. Anyway, I’ve spend Hundreds on these different ebooks, and they’ve done fuck all for me. I didn’t realize what rubbish I was reading until it was too late (until the guarantee period of a couple of months was up, that is). Now I feel like a sucker and I’m somewhat confused because of all the conflicting information (or mis-information), and quackery. I wish I never bothered” - Factory Worker, CA

Sucked in ... and more!

“Well, I bought one product and learned something called ‘hypnotic commands’, and it was trying to teach me all this NLP and stuff. Well, I went to this friend of mine who’s a skeptic. And he showed me how it’s all unproven and how unscientific it is! A couple of other ebooks in the net were similar. I’ve wasted my money on nonsense without knowing it until now – if only somebody had warned me!” - Student, NY

Get Your Moneys Worth!

It’s all about the quality of information, innit?”


  • Text the Size of What’s Found in Most of This Page

  • 1.5 Spacing

  • 150 Pages INCLUDING the Authors Sad Sob Story About How he (SUPPOSEDLY) Couldn’t get Laid Back in His Early 20’s – Until he Discovered the “7 Amazing Secrets to Female PsychologyTM

  • As Much Quackery as You’d Find in a Natural Health Magazine!

Bonuses! Extras!

Yeah, right!

Ten Page Articles (What They Commonly Call ‘Reports’) Will Tell You a Range of ‘Commonsensical’ Information That you Could Get Off Your Grandma! Either That Or Big Ads for Other Products ... yay!

(One of the Free Bonus Gifts That I Saw Was SO BAD, it Wasn’t Even Worth Downloading For Free. Imagine HUGE Bright Blue Text. With Some Crap About What On-Line Dating Services Are Out There. And Through Most of it, He Was BEGGING people

buy his Book! Great!)

** 5-Pages of Thin Air? - $27 Value! **


You Have Problems?

Poor Social Skills as the Result of Some Neuro-Biological Fuck-up?

HUGE Levels of Anxiety – More Than What Most Would Experience, THAT YOU WERE BORN WITH?

No Friendship Network & Complete And Utter, No-Bullshitting-Around, Socio-Phobia?


Because No Matter Your Faults – Biological in Origin, Or Not – There is an Electronic Book Out There That Will Solve Everything!

Assuming You Can Actually Follow the Advice, That is!


Cures What Ails You! - You’re Just One Click Away!”

Social Problems Cured – All You Need are These Self-Help Guru’s to Help You Out!

It Works! ...not!

Hi, I’d just like to write to say that I’m back to where I first started. No, in fact it’s worse than that. I don’t know whether what I’ve been reading in the past few days is true or not, but I’m probably better off as ‘ignorant’ of women etc. as I was a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for nothing...” - Restaurant Owner, OH

You Don’t Need QUALIFIED Psychologists, or Anything Proven for That Matter...

Surely You Can Just Read One of These ‘Get Chick’s’ Type Books (Well, a Few of Them, Actually), Follow the Advice (Except Where it Conflicts), and You Will be as Well-off as The Guys Who Wrote the Testimonials, Right? Who can’t!

Make Money Fast!

Do These Kinds of Ads Remind You of Something?

They Should! What About Get Rich Quick Schemes? How About the Sort of Books That Supposedly Tell You How to Get Rich? Do you Think That Many People Have Been Able to Make Money From Them. Think of Some Really Wealthy People ... Did They Read Those Books? Or Could Such Books Just be Full of Vague and Common Sense Advice? Could They be Full of Rubbish? A ‘Get Chicks’ Type Book Isn’t Much Different. Most Men Know Something About How to Get a Girlfriend Without Ever Having Such a Book. How Did They Become so Skilled/Knowledgeable? If the Reader Fails, is it Necessarily the Readers Fault? Or is it Possible That it’s Actually the Authors Fault? Could it be That the Author has Just Filled these Pages (But Only With 1.5 Spaced Text, Mind You) With Some Entertaining Paragraphs, and Very Little of any Use – ie Very Little Truth?

Yet Another eBook ... *sigh*...

So There’s Another Book Out There... This Time The ad Implies ... no ... Tells You Outright That the Chicks Are Going to Approach YOU. And you Can Now Attract Them by Sitting on Your Ass and Meditating! You Buy it (But Somewhat Reluctantly This Time, for You Have Been ‘Burned’ before...), and it Actually Tells you – on The Inside of the Book, Mind You – That Women Will Never Approach Men. It’s always The Other Way Around!

Then There’s Another Ad That Tells You That this Book Isn’t Full of the Same Old Mind Tricks And Hypnosis! But You Purchase it Anyway ... and What do You Find, Instead? How to Use Your Mind and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Visualization Techniques to Get That Girl. Mind Tricks, Mind you, That MOST MEN Don’t Use to Get THEIR women, but Somehow You’ve Got to Use All That in Order to GET YOURS (But Remember, it Gives You That Extra Bit of Advantage... ;-) ).

Imagine... Buying a Book That Really Was “Jam-Packed”...

Buying a Book That Really DOES have “Proven Methods”, and One Which YOU KNOW has Some Level of Success!

Imagine Knowing How Useful a Book Really is Before You Buy it!

Imagine Not Having to Wade Through Tons Of Useless Psychic Power Bullshit – and Info on Where to Meet Women... (Clue: The Library, Fruit Shop, Gym, Supermarket, Short Courses, etc..)

Imagine... not Downloading Pages and Pages of crap!

Yeah... Just Don’t Expect Any of That From These Marketing Genius CON-ARTISTS!

They ripped me off!

“There’s this company in the UK selling a number of ebooks in HTML format... I’d just like you to know to check the companies refund policy FIRST – before making a purchase. This particular one required that you send them you details EXACTLY as they specify by snail mail. If you get so much as ONE minor detail wrong, they won’t consider your refund request, and they wont tell you about it either. The problem is: even if you do write all the details correctly, how are you meant to prove that you’ve done so when they refuse your refund? They won’t reply to any of your emails. How do you know they’ve actually received and considered your refund mail? Absolute Scammers IMO.” - Tour guide, Australia

Good at Sucking People in ... Good at Entertaining Them for a Month or Two ...


Lets Face it. You’re Not Going to Change no Matter HOW Many Times You Read One of these books

Any Real Change Takes Much Much More Effort

Some Men Really Will Never End up Marrying or Getting a Girlfriend, or Having Sex. And There’s Really Nothing That can be Done

It Doesn’t Matter Whether the Guide is Paid For, or a Free Download. If it’s Just a Bunch of “Tips and Tricks“ (Which as Far as Any of The Men Reading Them are concerned, Could Turn Out to Be a Load of Rubbish) Written by Some Cleaver Millionaire Marketing Guru’s It Isn’t Going to be of Much use To the Majority of Men.

Either You CAN get chicks – and Would Find it all too Much Common-Sense (or see it as Lies) OR You’re Just Hopeless in Social Situations – Which is The Sort of Male That Most of This Seems to be Aimed at – and Nothing Will be of Any Use. And if That’s the Case, You may as well Give Up and get Back to Nintendo.....

Copyright 2006 – Some Pseudonym, for Some Kind of Marketing Company. All Rights Reserved. Don’ Copy This Advertisement, or I’ll Come ‘round and Punch you.