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About Wealdendun:


     Wealdendun is pretty much just a kingdom that was created so people can live in a fantasy world. We will have contests, role playing opportunities, and more. The land is with swords and shields, no guns or modern weapons. We have races of elves, men, wizards, faeries and even evil races (and lands for each race!) There are many threads where you can act out a role/character you create yourself. We RP and have games and festive activities. Based on a book one member is writing with inspiration from Tolkien, this forum is the place to be. The elves even speak their own language. Come check us out! http://deren.proboards19.com/index.cgi

~Wealdendun- Land of Forest and Mountain


Please tell everyone you know about us, even if you do not care to join our fantasy land. Perhaps there is someone out there just waiting for an email, filled with this info, who does want to join. We would love to have them!!


~About the Lands of Wealdendun~
Welcome! (Wilcuma)

There is now an opening for the Leader of the Bards and Ruler of the Faeries.

If you are new to the forum, there are five cities of which you can join in Wealdendun. You can join either:

Rurisk : Queen Natulcien Fiothiel
Land of the Elves
*In the west *

Tir Rathon : King Deren Luma'oren
Capitol of Wealdendun and home of men
*Center of Wealdendun*

Snyttrund: Zalza'hka Miruen
City of Wizards
*North shore*

Eardsta: No Leader
The wondering bards and scribes

Fiðere Nidun: Prongywen
The Mountain Faeries
*East edge*

Weald Sceadu: Terevas
Kingdom of the evil races

The Land Rulers/Leaders will be working closely with us and keeping the board running smoothly. They will not actually be rulers, but stewards to the King.

Other than that, if you would like to just join a city, you may state it here. There are some things about the races posted in the thread "About the races". Have fun!!

* All directions are given in repect to the location of Tir Rathon

Are you having trouble picking a race for yourself? Then I have the answer!! I have created a short quiz for you to take that will give you the race outcome.
Click Here to take the quiz. Hope it helps you
Wilcume, strangers.
Language Links
Spræcord, language of the Elves
Language of the Wizards
Vorsintallin, language of Weald Sceadu
Site Contact Information:
Natulcien Fiothiel
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Welcome to Wealdendun, stranger. We hope you enjoy your stay. Help us fight the evil that is rising. Visit the city of the elves. Join the forum at http://deren.proboards19.com.
Wealdendun Rulers:
Deren Luma'oren: Tir Rathon
Natulcien Fiothiel : Rurisk
Zalza'hka Miruen: Snyttrund
Prongywen : Fiðere Nidun
Position Open : Eardsta
Terevas : Weald Sceadu

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Wealdendun Warriors:
The Hilderin
The Barracks
Easta Trail
Home Guard
Forest of Arrows
Hilderin Field Army
Hilderin Rangers
The Lands of Wealdendun:
Tir Rathon
Fiðere Nidun
Weald Sceadu