The Chaille Family
One of the first families in the French settlement of Beauport were the Chailles, headed by Catherine Barre and her husband Mathurin Chaille.

Catherine was born about 1644 in the Parish of St-Martin, Ile de Re, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the daughter of Jacques Barre and Francoise Chauvritte.  She arrived in the small cololy as a
Filles Du Roi (King's Daughter), contracted to marry Maurice Rivet.  Upon her arrival, the arrangement was deemed unsuitable, either by Maurice or Catherine herself; and the marriage was annulled on November 17, 1664.

Now free to shop around, she instead chose new arrival Mathurin Chaille and the couple were married on January 11, 1665 in Ville De Quebec.  At the time, there were several seigneurs recruiting settlers and often they or their agents would simply show up at the docks, as an immigrant ship made it's arrival, and convince as many as possible to head in their direction.  As it was,
Beauport was already well established and close to the Quebec Port; so the newlyweds chose that area to build their first home.

Soon after, a son Claude was born and by the 1666 census, there were four members of the Chaille household; which included an 18 year old servant, Francois Chauvreau.  This young man may have been related to Jean Chauvreau of Saintonge; who made his home in Lauzon; but more likely Marguerite Chauvreau from St. Pierre, Montrieul-Sois-Bois, France; who had married Pierre Guay.  Her grandson Gaston was married to Jeanne Prevost; niece of Martin Prevost who lived next door to the Chailles; also from St. Pierre in Montieul.

In 1668, the first siegneur of Beauport;
Robert Giffard; died, and his land was passed to his son Joseph.  Not as easygoing as his father, Joseph went after any tenants who had fallen behind on their lease payments and on June 18, 1668; eighteen inhabitants of Beauport had their concessions revoked, and though they protested to the Lord's Council, the evictions were upheld, and their land confiscated.

The Chaille family may have been amoung them, since it was about that time that the family could be found further down river at Sillery; eventually settling in Portneuf.  Catherine died on July 16, 1707 in Ville De Quebec and her husband a week later on July 23.  They had six children; five of whom grew up to raise families of their own.
The Next Generation
Claude Barre Chaille - Was born on October 17, 1665 in Beauport and died on September 13, 1724 in Cap-Sante, Portneuf.  He married Marie-Madeleine Briere; the daughter of Jean Briere and Jeanne Grandin; on May 02, 1689, in Neuville Portneuf, and the couple had ten children:  Louis, Marie-Anne, Genevieve, Marie-Francoise, Etienne, Pierre, Jean-Baptiste, Infant (died at birth), Marie-Josephe and Mathurin.

Marie-Therese Barre Chaille - Was born on January 27, 1667 in Beauport and died on October 26, 1726 in La Chevrotiere, Portneuf.  She married Francois Nau; son of Jean Nau and Jeanne Billet, on July 01, 1688 in Neuville, and the couple had nine children:  Marie-Therese, Pierre, Louis, Claude, Michel, Marie-Louise, Jean-Baptiste, Rene and Charles.

Michel Barre Chaille - Was born on May 04, 1671 in Sillery and died at about the age of 10 in Portneuf.

Jean Barre Chaille - Was born on January 16, 1674 in Sillery and died on November 13, 1709 in Montreal.  He married Marie-Anne Briere; sister of Claude's wife Marie-Madeleine, on January 20, 1698 in Neuville and the couple had seven children:  Marie-Madeleine, Francois-Mathurin, Marie-Anne, Marie-Francoise, Marie-Angelique, Jean-Baptiste and Francois.

Henri Barre Chaille - Was born on May 10, 1676 in Sillery and died on June 01, 1711 in Cap-Sante.  He married Marie-Renee Desry; the daughter of Jacques Desry and Marguerite Vitry; on November 24, 1700 at Pointe-Aux-Trembles, and the couple had three children:  Marie-Agnes, Jean-Baptiste and Marie-Catherine.

Francois Barre Chaille - Was born on August 01, 1678 and died unknown.  He married Marie-Francoise Cassan; daughter of Andre Cassan and Marie Gendron (daughter of Filles A Marier Jeanne Grenier); on January 14, 1709 at Deschambault, Portneuf, and the couple had a daughter:  Marie-Louise.
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